Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - hernandarias week 2

Wellllll.... this week`s been good. It started to rain a lot and it got cold again. Remember how like a month ago it was really cold? Well that disappeared for a while.. but now it came back. So thank goodness we`re heading into winter.. again. 
I`ve been getting more used to the area this week. My companion and I are still getting along well. He`s a funny guy. His personality reminds me a lot of my cousin Jacob.. so it`s a lot of fun. 
I had to teach the youth sunday school class in church yesterday.. it was an interesting experience. I finally understand what all my poor teachers went through. Everytime I asked a question everyone would look at the ground, or say I don`t know, or wait for someone else to answer..or young men would say something really stupid thinking that it`s funny and all the young women give him that ¨look¨.. and you as the teacher sit there telling yourself over and over "It`s only an hour, it`s only an hour".. My respect goes out to all those sunday school teachers out there. We should have a sunday school teacher appreciation day.
I don`t think I mentioned this last week, but we have to wash our clothes by hand here. Sometimes in the morning or at night I`ll wash some of my clothes and then hang them out to dry. It`s an interesting experience.. but I think I^m getting the hang of it. It`s not as bad as I thought it would be. I actually kind of like it.. it gives me a sense of accomplishment.
We haven`t had any super cool experiences like we did last week.. the days have been pretty normal. We study in the morning, then we eat lunch, then we go out and knock doors or visit people we`ve already met.. I am growing a lot here though. Everyone`s really friendly and happy, they all help me a lot to develop my talents. 
Anyway, that`s about all for this week. Hasta luego!
Elder Taylor 

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