Monday, August 25, 2014

Elder Kaden Barlow - August 8 2014

Elder Kaden Barlow

Hey Family! :) How is everyone?

HAPPY NEWS! Pablito passed his interview and we got his parents’ permission so we had the baptism, and I got to baptize him!!! It was super awesome and very spiritual. It was really cool to see him bear his testimony at the end. His parents, who aren’t members, came and had a great experience too! We went and visited them with the Branch President, who seriously talked for an hour without stopping. They have lots of potential and we will see what happens with them. ;)

As for the water situation, we finally got water!!!!! :D You have no idea how excited I was :) I got to wash all my clothes without worrying and take more than a bucket shower haha. It was super great. But on the bright side I can now say that I have lived a month without running water in my house... I guess if that is a bright side :) haha  

Last week I think that I told you about Samuel. This week we gave him a Book of Mormon and 17 scriptures about the true church. He has finally decided that the internet is unreliable and doesn’t tell the truth about the church a lot of the times and now just asks us everything which is good. :) This week we did leave almost running from the house because his mom is super anti-Mormon and burns or destroys any pamphlets or pass along cards that she finds in the house and we don´t really want to have an encounter with her yet.  So when she called Samuel and said that she was almost to the house, we had to take off pretty fast.  It was pretty funny. He is 27 but his mom is the owner of his house and so she likes to control what goes on in the house... actually she has the neighbor spy on us sometimes. 

Yes the storm hit here. [Tropical Storm Bertha] It was awesome!! The thunder was crazy! It even was setting off car alarms. Because of the storm we only had around 30 people in church on Sunday... that’s including the kids. Kinda cool to see it rain like that ;)

Let’s see, so yep! I had my birthday this week! My comp nicely woke me up by diving on top of me! And smacking me with his pillow... he is so kind haha. But I enjoyed my personal study accompanied by a nice ice cold Dr. Pepper!! (I’m so nice spoiling myself like that) and then went out and worked ;) At night we lit the candles and celebrated with some little cake things, and I ate some Yaroa, which is like French fries, chicken, more fries, and pepperoni and cheese with ketchup and mayo... yes it’s like asking for a heart attack haha but it was awesome!

Thursday was awesome this week! We had district meeting and basically just discussed the Plan of Salvation and all the questions that we have or that have been asked us that we didn't know how to answer... the ones we didn't quite get worked out were about the dinosaurs hehe but it was really spiritual and I learned a lot. Then in the afternoon we went to the temple with the ward because they didn't have the priesthood necessary. Elder Cortes and I went with the youth and did all their confirmations and baptisms. It was super awesome!! We also ran into a group of gringos in the temple... a bunch of youth... it was really weird hearing pure English like that (I mean I talk to other Elders in English sometimes but we still use lots of Spanish) And they were having some problems communicating so I got to translate for them it was pretty cool!! ;)

Oh and cool story... so we were walking in our area and we come around the corner and we hear some gun shots two of them... so we stop and go the other way... Turns out this guy had pulled a knife on his mother and a cop had stepped in and the guy stabbed the cop in the arm but with his other he pulled his gun and shot him twice!!! It was crazy! I missed the action but saw the people screaming and the ambulance show up. So yeah that was kinda crazy! Normally my area is pretty peaceful but something crazy always happens! But don’t worry mom, I am safe ;)
Well, hope everyone has a great week!

Love you all,

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