Monday, August 25, 2014

Elder Mitchell Oliphant - August 5, 2014

Hey guys, thank you so much for your letters, they always brighten my day and week. I love you guys. And i appreciate everything that you have done for me. So- this week has been good. We are just starting to teach a couple of new people- Angelique, Mark, and Carl Tate. Angelique is amazing and wants to learn everything we can teach her, she does struggle to know that Jesus is there and that he loves her. Mark is a hilarious black guy that is 50, he is on house arrest tho so i don't know how im gonna baptize him, first time i met him he explained to me that he is a gangster at sole and a hustler for life.. hahahaha... Carl Tate is the husband to Sis Tate who is already a member, He is hard to get a hold of cause he is always working. He said he wants to get Baptized tho, so im gonna be the one to Dunk him! He just doesn't know it yet. He is sooo ready to be baptized he just needs to take the freeking lessons. Im not going to push it too much tho cause i know that its not an easy or short process, nor should it be. 

 Those pics are awesome haha. I can see Why Bishop is going to put them in his office hahaha. It sounds like you guys are having fun! Im glad! :] Tell Holly and Karl that Im soooooooooooooo Proud of them and their diligence in progressing to Baptism! They set a great example of faith to me. I pray for them always. And cant wait to see them along with everyone else when i get home. BTW thank you for working on getting me music! I cant wait to get it! Also Nick- I miss ya a bunch tooo! Keep working hard, always give 100% that's why i was tough. Katie- I miss you a bunch, yes it has rained several times hahahah. Josh- I miss ya bud! keep working hard in school! Mom and dad- love you guys and im glad that you feel better dad. 
Love Elder Oliphant

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