Monday, August 25, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - August 25, 2014

This week wasn´t THAT exciting, but I¨ll try to make it interesting.. This weekend we had stake conference! We went to the part on Saturday night which was for all those 12 and older and also to the meeting on Sunday. (of course ha). Saturday night it was in Ciudad del Este. The topic of the night was missionary work. I liked all the talks that were given. One guy told a story about how he had a friend when he was younger and he never got up the courage to tell him he was a member of the church or share the gospel with him. He always asked him questions like why didn´t he drink or smoke, or why he didn´t do other things that the rest of the people do. But he never felt brave enought to tell him that it was because he was a member. Years passed without seeing each other. They both got married and had their own families. One day the wife of the guy speaking told him she had a friend that she wanted to visit. So they went to the friends house and she asked them to wait a little because her husband hadn´t arrived from work yet. When her husband came, he was surprised to find that it was the same friend who he mentioned earlier. He said that his friend looked at him and asked him Why didn´t you tell me? You knew that families could be together forever all this time? Why didn´t you ever tell me what you knew? He said that that night changed his outlook on missionary work forever. That was probably my favorite talk of the night. The other good part was that I saw the Rolim family from my first area in Ciudad del Este! I was pretty happy to see them, as they were to see me. They took us home to Hernandarias afterward since there arent´any buses at that hour. It was good to see them. 
On Sunday we had the actual stake conference. This time we met in the center of Hernandarias, in a bigger chapel. The stake center is under construction right now and so they decided to have one meeting in another chapel in CDE, and transmit it over to Hernandarias.. but it didn´t end up working so we watched something from Salt Lake where Elder Bednar and a few other people were talking to the people of Paraguay. I don´t know if it was a recording of if it was actually happening but... it was good. Aracely (I found out that´s actually how you spell it) came! That was the most exciting part. She´s still learning a lot and tells us that she loves going to church every week. Woo!
I love being a missionary. Talk to you soon soon!
Elder Taylor

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