Monday, July 8, 2013

Elder Xavier Stilson

Elder Stilson

Elder  Xavier Stilson is serving in the Alameda Branch in Lakewood Colorado  while he continues to wait for his visa to Vitoria Brazil.  Even though he is anxious to serve in Brazil  he is really enjoying his time and the people he has met in Colorado.  He has been very busy teaching people in  several nursing and assisted living homes and also in the local Insane Asylum.  At first he found this very discouraging but  has grown to love the people in the homes.   He has had two deaths since he has been there.  I was very confused when he emailed home the eulogy  of a Brother who had just passed and it wasn’t until I finished reading that I  realized that it was written by Elder Stilson.   What a humbling experience for not only him but for his proud  parents.  I don’t know many people who  could write such amazing words about a man he had only known for such a short  while.  I have received emails from the  Ward mission leader that Elder Stilson and his companion have broken several  teaching records and in their branch they have doubled their highest  stats.  He was so excited for his first baptism  June 23rd.  Since Elder  Stilson has been out, a change has been made that a certain amount of time each  week should be spent on serving people in his community.  He has enjoyed that so much, especially a day  where they were able to take a group of disabled people to a carnival.  Last week were transfers and Elder Stilson  prayed that he would be allowed to stay in the same area until his visa is  approved.  To his surprise, not only was  he able to remain in his current area but he was also given another missionary  to their companionship.  Hopefully, this  means his visa is coming soon.  He loves  what he is doing and is working very diligently.




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