Friday, July 5, 2013

Sister Rebecca Packer

Sister Rebecca Packer

Sister Rebecca Packer has loved her mission experience from the Start of her preparation.  Attending the temple often, usually twice a week was the biggest blessing and preparation she could have made prior to entering the MTC.  She entered the MTC on June 12th and the mission field on June 25th.  She is now serving in the CA, Rancho Cucamonga Mission (English Speaking).  She was originally called to CA, San Bernardino Mission, but the map in her call said, effective July 1st, CA, Redlands Mission.  Three days prior to leaving the MTC, she and several others were given new assignments, and she was assigned to serve in the CA, Rancho Cucamonga Mission.  She proved to be faithful, fearless and accepting.  Pres. Jensen said this was happening a lot!  Prepare:)  The MTC experience was a fabulous one for her and  she fell in love with all the sisters she worked with (that's Becca).  She felt the same way with her new companion, Sister Ott, from St. George and they have been anxiously engaged in the midst of 114 heat, but feeling the Lord blessing them to bear it well.  She has never worked so diligently on such a great cause and loves every part of her experience serving.  Her testimony is a blessing to all who hear it, especially her family. 

Sister Rebecca Packer is our 5th and last missionary of 8 children.  She is the only female that has served.  Best to all of you missionaries serving and soon to serve.  Best to all you mothers, especially if this is your first time, the blessings far out way anything they can ever do in this life.  It brings me to my knees with gratitude. 

S.M.I.L.E.  To be Spiritually Minded is Life Eternal!   2 Nephi 9:39   This is what we put at the end of our missionaries letters.  Such a greater reminder.                        

Renee Packer


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