Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Zach Taylor - MTC

The Taylor Family


Zach entered the MTC last Wednesday! It was one of the hardest things we have ever done! We haven't received a letter from him yet, but we've heard some great things from other sources that he is doing well and that his P-Day will be coming up on Wednesday! We heard on Sunday that his room is right next to a good friend from the Bridgecreek ward, Brian Carter! We were so excited to hear that he got to see a friendly face and is right next to him. They are both going to Argentina. We also heard that he was told that most likely he will be reassigned a mission in the U.S. while he waits for his visa because the visas are taking so long in Argentina. We heard that he likes his companion and he is happy to be there and can hardly wait to get out in the mission field to serve. I got an email from another great friend from the Bridgecreek ward, Matthew Thompson (who leaves the MTC tomorrow morning at 4:30am for the Birmingham, Alabama mission), and he said that he has seen Zach several times and that Zach, Brian and Matthew all took a picture together. Hopefully we'll get to see that soon! We'll share more updates when we get a letter from him, but we were pretty excited to get a little bit of good news!





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