Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Elder Xavier Stilson - I"ll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Elder Stilson with Maryangela who was recently baptized

Hey everyone! Well it is my first week here in Brazil Vitoria mission! My first area is in the city of Sao Matues. It is at the very  top of our mission. A 5 hour bus ride from the main city of Vitoria! But it is  great. I love the people here and our mission President is awesome! He is the  nicest man you could ever meet in your life!

Our area is just the whole city of Sao Matues and I really  wish I could tell you all about our investigators and everything but I do not  know Portuguese and so it is hard haha. I was able to teach in English in  Colorado and loved it so much! But out here I know nothing and it is hard  trying to even understand what little kids are trying to talk about... But what  can ya do. It is hard not knowing how the investigators I left in Colorado are  doing. It was hard leaving them. Where as if I still were in Colorado and got transferred,  I could have called them all and talked to them for a few seconds! But here I can’t  call and have no clue about what is going on so it is hard. But everything  else is ok! After the morning is over, we go out to see people.  I forget all about what is going on and I can  focus even though I cannot understand haha. But Brazil is awesome and the  people here are amazing! Every home is concrete and everyone is very worried  about security here! That is why there are bars on everything haha even in the  richer areas! Also, there is a lot of garbage on the street.  Every night after 6 everyone puts the garbage  on the curb and they have people whose job it is to sweep the streets by  hand.  Around noon they look clean  again!:) We have already had 2 baptisms and 2 marriages this week. It was  really cool because on Saturday Cleder was baptized and then Sunday he baptized  his daughter Maryangela!! That was an amazing thing to experience!!! It is  different here in Brazil. You don’t have to teach them all of the lessons  before they can be baptized! If you meet someone on the street on Saturday and  they come to church on Sunday and want to be baptized, it will happen right  after sacrament meeting! That is really hard to grasp but it is whatever haha. My  first comp is Elder Torres. He is a great guy and is a Brazilian from Sao  Paulo. He is about 6.5 and a big dude. We share an apartment with another  companionship as well. It is cool because Elder Crapo, from my district in the  MTC, lives with us.  We all get along  really well! Some of the things I have already seen are awesome! There are  parrots everywhere and they are beautiful! I also saw a cobra for the first  time! It actually came out of one of the members homes and went right next to  my foot! So for the next 30 mins we were all with long steel poles trying to  find this big snake, but we never did find it! It buried itself in a pile of  junk so he won. But we are all still alive ;) haha  Our church house is in the middle of a street  and I am going to get some pictures of it this week to show everyone.  It is a dinky little thing but hey at least  it is something no? The members have asked to get a chapel there and they  finally got permission to!! They just need to get permission on a place in the  area so that we can start to build it. Hopefully it will happen really soon!:) Well,  there really isn’t much more to talk about due to the fact that we spent  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday traveling and then Thursday shopping and cleaning  so we only had the three days but it is all good! Well I love you all and hope  to hear from you soon!!!

Eu amo Voces!


Elder  Stilson
Elder Stilson and his Zone Leader

Brazilian Home Security System

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