Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - August 7-14th update

Elder Zach Taylor
Hello again!
Okay so this week has been pretty much the best week of my life. Everything was just so good... the lessons from our teachers were good every day, we got to do some new stuff, and I've seen a bunch more people I know! It's been great.
Well first of all, I saw my cousin Rebecca on...friday I think it was. It was cool to see her! She gave me a hug, and you know, we're not supposed to do that here so some people walking by kinda had weird looks on their faces.. luckily one Elder in my district yelled "It's okay, they're cousins!" What a nice guy... haha ;) I've also seen a lot more friends from school here this week! These names probably don't mean anything to you.. but i saw Justin Ly, Kyle Mollinet, Scott Sweeten, Ellie Garlitz, Chase Snow... I think that's all. It's been cool to see so many people!
On sunday, our zone was asked to be ushers for the devotional. It was cool to wear the tag that says "usher" and be all official...but not gonna lie it felt kinda pointless. I pretty much just stood at the top of the stairs and made sure people sat down..which they just did by themselves. Oh well, it was pretty cool to help out anyway.
Now for the best part of the week. I've just got to say, my teachers are two of the coolest people I've ever met. They really have helped me to see things in a different way and have gotten me really excited to go serve. But anyway, sometimes Hermano Miller likes to just take a half hour and have us ask questions and we answer them with scriptures usually from the book of mormon, but sometimes with other ones. On friday, we got talking somehow about what the "more sure word of prophecy" is. He had us read in D&C 131. In there, it says that the more sure word of prophecy is the second comforter that we receive. It's being sealed up unto a knowledge that you will be saved in the Celestial Kingdom. He explained that in other instances of that happening, prophets would actually see Christ himself and he would tell them that they are going to the celestial kingdom, and they would know that they had been saved. He then told us to read Elder Holland's testimony from April's general conference. In it, he says something like "I know these things by what Peter called the more sure word of prophecy." He had us just think for a minute about the implications of that. He then went on to say that the great thing about this church is that people can say all they want, but unless they have living clergy that actually speak to Jesus Christ, he doesn't want to hear it. I've been brought into a whole new perspective of who these men actually are. Christ himself is literally involved in running this church, and that is why it is the ONLY true church on the face of the earth. It makes me want to really study the words of the modern prophets like I would the scriptures, because, after all, isn't that exactly what the scriptures are?
On saturday, hermano miller got talking with us again about the celestial kingdom. He told us that the thing that makes us different from other churches is that this church challenges us to become something rather than just get to a final destination. He said this life is not about getting to a celestial kingdom, but about becoming a celestial being. He said that as he's gained in knowledge, he can feel himself becoming more like the savior, more of a celestial being. I was always worried that I would come back and not do the same things I did before, but I've come to realize that it simply won't be a part of me. Hermano Miller said that it just becomes part of our nature as we get closer to becoming celestial beings. Things that we used to do we simply won't want to anymore because of who we are becoming. I thought that was really cool.
Back to the whole thing with the apostles.. last night, Richard G. Scott spoke in the devotional. After having realized more fully who he is as an apostle of Jesus Christ, I could just feel the spirit enter the room so strongly as we all stood up when he walked in. There seemed to be more light surrounding him than anyone else. It really is amazing who the prophets and apostles are, and I have a whole new respect and knowledge of them. One cool thing was that he promised us that we would be able to learn the language as we had faith. I though it was amazing to have an apostle right there actually telling us that. It was so cool!
I'm realizing I'm really going to miss my teachers.. they're so amazing. We took a picture with them yesterday since Hermano Miller is leaving to hawaii in friday for a week and we probably won't see him again before we leave. Hermana Christensen is leaving to teach in the Mexico MTC on tuesday or something, so that's kinda sad too... I'm realizing how hard it's going to be to have to leave these people I've met in the MTC. I mean I still miss you guys.. but this is much worse. haha just kidding ;) I guess it's something I'm going to have to get used to, not only on my mission but afterwards as well. I included the picture we took yesterday. The one on the far left that's almost as tall as me is hermano miller, and hermana christensen is (obviously) the only girl in the picture. They're both amazing teachers and I'll miss them after this last week and a half is up.
Well, sorry to overload you all with spiritual stuff and my personal feelings about leaving... hopefully you've made it this far. haha The MTC is great, but I can't wait to get out there. Adios!
- Elder Taylor

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