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Elder Zach Taylor - August 21 update

Elder Taylor - Cool picture

Hello again!
This week...I don't really know what to say. It's been really good but kinda sad at the same time. I'll start with last Friday. One of our really great teachers, Hermano Miller, decided to go on vacation to Hawaii this week, so Friday was the last day that we got to see him. We had a really cool last talk that day though that I'll just share a few things about. We went outside and sat at a table by one of the residence buildings and we had a bunch of food because this one elder that left last week decided to just dump all of his extra stuff in our room.. it's pretty ridiculous but it made for a good snack while we were talking. Anyway, he showed us a bunch of pictures from his mission in Columbia which got me way excited to go serve. We also had a really cool talk about what we do after we die. We talked about how it's pretty much just a bunch of missionary work and we'll be looking after our posterity on this earth. Something I had never thought about before he brought this up was that like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost is an actual being and can't be everywhere at once. However, his presence can be felt everywhere. It's a cool idea that we talked about... he told us that he thinks that the holy ghost's presence is felt through the angels of our ancestors that come and whisper to us what we need. "Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost". It made sense to me, and I wouldn't doubt that that's what we'll be doing.
As if it wasn't enough for Hermano Miller to leave, Hermana Christensen left this week too. She's going to teach in the Mexico MTC, so we had our last class with her yesterday. She too showed us pictures of her mission in San Diego and told us a few stories that got me way excited. She also told us that she thinks that we've been called to learn Spanish not only for these two years, but as a tool throughout our lives as well which I thought was really cool. We still had some leftover snacks, so we had those while we talked outside in the same spot as Hermano Miller. I can't really explain it, but it was a lot sadder to leave our teachers than I thought it would be. We took a final district picture with her and said goodbye.. it was hard! That was the first time I really wanted to hug a girl while on my mission! haha Both our teachers have been such a good influence on us. I wish I could explain it, but it's just something you have to experience.
Another thing, I did receive notice that I would be reassigned because my visa hasn't come yet. However, this week the three elders in my district going to Buenos Aires got 90 day tourist visas to Argentina. I'm guessing they just hope that our actual visas will come before those 90 days are up. I'm pretty sure they're doing that for all the Argentina missionaries now instead of reassigning us, however, my mission is the only one that hasn't received anything yet... so where I'll be in a week from now is kind of up in the air at this point.
Something cool we got to do this week was teach a lesson to a member over skype. My companion and I taught a lesson to a guy that lives in Columbia. He was really nice and we enjoyed sharing a message with him. It was cool because since that's where my teacher went, I was used to hearing his accent so it wasn't too hard to understand.
We got a new district last week, and something kind of random but cool was that one of the new Elders told my companion and I that we are the biggest example to him since he's gotten here. A lot of the other elders like to goof off a bit too much at times.. it was cool to hear him say that to us.
On Sunday, a former BYU and NFL player, Vai  Sikahema spoke to us. He was so interesting to listen to and really funny. I don't remember all that he said, but he just talked a lot about his mission and it got me really excited to go!
Well, that's about it for this week. Hope you're all doing well!

One thing hermano miller told us that I forgot to say was that, while you are still good friends with everyone at home, there's a certain bond that comes between those you serve with and meet on your mission. something about sharing those moments where you testify of the gospel to someone just bonds you in a way that nothing else can. We taught our investigator that Hermana Christensen was acting as yesterday for the last time. Even though she wasn't real, it was so hard to have that last visit with her. I can't imagine what it's like for real. Also, when she said the closing prayer for class, she started to tear up a little... it was so sad! She's been such a great teacher and has given me so much confidence as I go out. She told us that she loves us and knows we'll be great missionaries several times, which makes me feel good about leaving.
Well, I guess that's it! hasta luego!

Elder Taylor

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