Friday, August 23, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - Visa Is Here!!

Alright, guys, something amazing happened today... I got my travel plans to Argentina!!!!! I'm allowed to e-mail you today and tell you! So.. I'll be leaving from Salt Lake on Tuesday. We will travel to Asuncion, Paraguay. We'll be there Wednesday morning at 6:45 am their time. I understand once we get there, we'll find out how we're getting to Argentina. I'm so excited!!! One of the elders in my district will be in my travel group too, so it'll be good to know someone. Ahhhh man I can't believe I'm actually going straight down there! A week from now I'll be in another country... so crazy! I'm way excited but so nervous but even more excited.. Well... that's my exciting news for the day! I'm so happy

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