Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elder Almen Thorpe - Feb 16, 2014

Hey! sounds like everybody has been having a pretty good week, keep it up I miss you all!! I haven't gotten transferred, still with the same companion, and he got a call from our mission president. He got called up to be a district leader! Really good news and proud of him.   
This week was great, my companion and I went off on a trade off with two other missionaries. I went with Elder Iadkopo in my area. Elder Idakopo is from Samoa. We met up with a girl named Eva who is 21 and in the YSA in our ward and we walked down to one of our investigators house to teach a lesson. The girl we taught is Sabrina, 19 years old. A little bit of background with Sabrina is that she has been taught by seven different missionaries. My companion, Elder Jarnagin and I have been working with her for the past three transfers.
This time going with Eva the YSA girl and Elder Iadkopo, I felt a strong feeling that the lesson we were going to teach her was gonna be really good. All four of us sat under a tree in the shade because it was a hot day. In the middle of the lesson I had a game in mind to do with Sabrina. I had her stand at one end of the  grass and Eva stand on the other end. Sabrina had her eyes closed and had to listen to Eva's voice and directions in order to go through an obstacle that Elder Iadkopo and I put in front of her. While Sabrina had to concentrate really hard on Eva's voice, Elder Iadkopo and I were telling her the to go the other way or just trying to get her confused. At the end she made it to Eva and didn't get hurt (good thing). We all sat back down and started to laugh. I told Sabrina the whole point of doing that game was to show her that when she puts her full focus on Eva she can block anything that is trying to distract her, just like we can use focusing on Jesus Christ when we are trying to block Satan's temptations and other worldly things that surround us. Telling her that when she concentrates and puts her full faith in Heavenly Father in helping her in times of need she can overcome anything that is thrown at her.
I could see that going through that game is what she needed because it showed her that she can do it and it lifted her up. It was great!!!!! Afterwards we had Eva invite her to one of our ward members son's baptism that was happening on the same day. Sabrina went to ask her mom and her mom said it was up to her!! Of course she came!!!! It was a wonderful day. She told me she felt goose bumps as she was watching the boy getting baptized. I could see she felt the spirit working on her. 
It is amazing how we can also block out other temptations in the world when we put our full focus on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! When we do, nothing can overcome us as long as we exercise faith and we use our Christlike attributes.
I love being out here everyday, even though time is going by fast I really don't want it to...the fun is just getting started! I miss you all and hope all is going well. Hope you have a wonderful and safe week! 

Elder Thorpe 

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