Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - Surprise!

Well, you guys are never going to believe this. The night after I emailed home last time our district leader called us. He told us that he recieved the paper with all the transfers on it and it said that Elder Hemenway and I are staying in Obligado. Well, knowing that the transfer list has been wrong before, and because of the fact that the Assistants had just come all the way to our house the day before just to tell us we would be opening a new area, we called them to see what was going on. One of them answered, and when we asked what was up he said ¨Oh, my companion didn`t call you? Yeah.. looks like we`re having trouble getting a contract for the pension over in the new area so you guys are actually going to stay in Obligado until we can get things figured out.¨ They said they don`t know how long it`s going to take; it could be one week, two, maybe three. And THEN we`ll go open the new area.
With this being my companion`s last change in his mission he was kind of upset that he`d be ending this way, probably spending 3 weeks or less in an area where he doesn`t know anyone. It was kind of disappointing for me because I already had it in my head that I`d be leaving. But así es la misiòn. I guess that`s just how things go sometimes. 
This week wasn`t too bad though. This new lady we`re teaching, Irma, is doing awesome. She`s already been to church twice, we taught her about the restoration last week, and she`s reading the Book of Mormon. We also had 29 people at church on Sunday. Some of them came from the other city in our area, which was surprising but in a good way. 
Some of the members were really happy to find we`d be staying longer..which is good, at least they like us. It`s still really difficult to find people to teach. This one member has a ton of relatives that aren`t members of the church that she told us we could teach. But when we went back to ask her where they live she said, oh they`re not home right now, thank I don`t have to go!.. Seriously?! Sometimes I worry about the attitude of the members here. I hope this place doesn`t just crash and burn once we leave. 
So there`s my eventful week. And maybe I`ll be in a different city next time I email you. Or maybe not...
Elder Taylor

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