Friday, February 7, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - Week 5 in Obligado


This week was better than last. We started out the week on Tuesday with going to Encarnación again... just so the nurses of the mission could tell us some more information that could have easily just been emailed to us. But oh well, I was only low on money because of the trip for a couple days.
On Thursday I had the opportunity to go to Natalio, the area of my district leader, on splits! I was with my leader´s comp, Elder Worthington. He´s newer to the mission than I. It was actually kind of cool being the missionary with more experience for the first time. I got to help him a little bit with his Spanish and teaching and everything. We also tried teaching English to a group of young women in the branch over there. It was a lot harder than I thought... and the weirdest thing ever trying to teach your own language to someone else. I´d say, alright, I means yo, you means vos, we means nosotros, his, her, they, etc.. and they´d just stare at me. We ended up doing something apparently more simple, colors, numbers, and random vocabulary words. And we learned some more Guaraní words while we were at it. It was fun, something I´d do again in a heartbeat.
While we were there in Natalio we met this random Jehova´s Witness missionary that knows English. It was kind of fun talking to him. He didn´t want to accept one of our pamphlets when we tried giving him one, but Elder Worthington was persistent enough that he eventually took one.. I doubt he´ll want to read it, but you never know. On the bright side my comp and our district leader found 6 new people to teach in our area! The good stuff always happens on splits, I swear.
So we have this ice cream place here in Obligado that I kid you not tastes just like American ice cream. We went there when I got back after splits and got milkshakes. It was like I walked into the states for a few minutes. SO GOOD.
Something I´ve noticed this week that I actually like about this area and that may be part of the reason I was sent here: I fit in really well with the people. They´re all really relaxed, not too outgoing, and they actually appreciate my relaxedness. I feel bad because my companion´s really outgoing and he feels like the people just think he´s weird.. but at least I know now that there are people, even in Paraguay, that appreciate someone with my personality. 
In my studies this week I´ve been reading Jesus the Christ a lot. I´m on chapter 20 now.. it´s so good! You all need to read it.
Saturday was kind of a mess.. We went to Trinidad all day with this guy Justo that lives over there. He was showing us around to some of the less actives and his sister that´s not a member yet. Justo´s really weird.. he talks a LOT and kept saying puretaso!! Which is just like saying awesome... and he took us to the main road to wait for the last bus back to Obligado, which supposedly leaves at 5. But my companion and I both know that the bus schedule is messed up here and it always leaves like a half hour before that. We got to the road at about 5 exactly, and then Justo left. We soon realized that the last bus had already left... and we would have to wait for one of the big ones that runs from Encarnación. We thought that the bus wasn´t even going to come for a while and my comp tried hitch hiking. No one took us though.. and my comp´s hand got pooed on by a bird while waiting. After an hour and a half a bus finally came. We couldn´t help laughing at how bad our luck seems to be here. There´s always gotta be something like that that happens to us.
Anyway, there´s my week in a nutshell. A lot more fun and a little more successful than the last. Talk to you all later!
Elder Taylor

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