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Elder Kaden Barlow - Feb 11, 2014

Elder Barlow and his companion, Elder Ponce

Yeah it’s crazy that I have been out five months! Time doesn't seem like it’s flying quite yet, especially when my first few weeks in the field seemed like two years on their own, but time is speeding up now. I can't believe that this transfer is almost over!!

Let’s see... I’ll start with interesting experiences... this week we ran into a Muslim! That was really interesting. So far the religions we deal with are catholic, adventista, and evangelica, so to run into a Muslim? It was really weird. He invited us in though, and spent most his time telling us about how it’s great to learn about other religions and trying to get us to learn more about his but wouldn't even let us get very far into our message.... Kinda frustrating, and I’m glad that I don't have to spend all my time preaching to people as stubborn as this guy was. Also on that note we ran into my first atheist too... who would have thought an atheist here when everyone and their dog believes in Christ. They just really don't know how to have him in their lives but that’s why we come in!
Mageline has been praying about the Book of Mormon. We went over and she said that a stranger at her school came up to her and was like, "I don't know you but two young men gave you a book and it’s true and it will really bless your life. You should pay attention to the things they are teaching you." So not sure who this random guy is (we are speculating that it was one of the three Nephites or John the beloved ;) That’s not apostasy right.... haha) so that is really awesome!! She is really thinking about baptism and she came to church and everything!! Things are going good with her :)

We received the reference from Elder Zivic this week!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! This guy that lives in our area is the lobby dude in the building where President Hernandez and Elder Zivic live and they have been talking to him. You can trust a mission president and a member of the 70 to do their homework though. Noe (that’s his name) already has read the restoration pamphlet and a few others and already knows a ton... I’m hoping that this one turns out good because, well, there is a little pressure not to mess this one up haha :)

So two sad stories of the week... I let Elder Ponce give me a haircut, and he does know how to cut hair and it was looking really good. He had to take a phone call and Elder Palomino ran in and grabbed the machine and took a chunk out of my hair and to fix it I had to get, well, a buzz cut... I really don't like it but hopefully in three weeks I’ll look normal again haha. Moral of the story is don't let your comp cut your hair. Also I got dumped this week. We got to Jasmine's house this week to teach her and she wouldn't let us in and told us to get lost, she even tried to give us the Book of Mormon back... kinda stunk.

On the spiritual side I have really come to understand more about, well, I don't know how to explain it... I have realized more that I know how much this message can help the people here. I know it and I want to share it with them. It can help their lives so much!! It’s just frustrating how they won't accept it! I imagine that’s how Heavenly Father feels sometimes when he sees his kids disobeying.

Also I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish!!! :) It was so cool reading the whole thing in another language. But it really strengthened my testimony! No matter how many times we read that book I’m sure there is always something that we can learn from it.


Elder Barlow


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