Friday, May 23, 2014

Elder Almen Thorpe - May 18, 2014


Mom, I'll make sure to pass the message along to Elder Lewis. We will both make sure we slow down coming down those mountains. It's is good to have a companion like Elder Lewis because he is just a little bit taller than me, I would say about 5'6'', close to there. I think about you and the family a lot but I know that you are all in good hands with dad! :)
They finished the 9/11 water falls and museum!!! Wow I wish I could see those! Glad you and dad had some time alone to spend with each other. It's good for you two to get away from those kids. The garden place is just made for you mom! Those people that had their family members die in the accident will get a chance to hear about the gospel in the spirit world. Heavenly Father always has a way for his children to reach him and their families. Sounds like a lot is happening back home but I am happy to hear that you and dad are still having your little adventures.
The teaching is going great! Tupele, the lady we have been teaching is getting baptised this weekend. She's hasn't smoked in awhile, which is good. We had a very spirtual moment with her and very sacred to me that I will have to share with you and dad when I get home. We gave her a blessing of comfort and counsel to help her through her progress of not smoking. She is a very happy lady when she is learning more and more about the gospel. I can see so much change in her from the first time I met her. It is amazing to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ can really change peoples view of the world. This is Heavenly Fathers work not mine and I am blessed to be his instrument in the vinyard.
We had a Come and See fireside yesterday were all the missionaries have to bring an investigator to come in order to go and Tupele showed up with her family. The fireside was packed with investigators and members of the church. There were some really pretty singing, recent converts went up to bear their testimonies. President Lekias gave a talk, overall it was a fun night to be at the fireside and Tupele felt really happy.
We also had Elder Pearson from the first quorum of the sSeventy come and talk to us last week. Elder Pearson talked about us being forgiven for our past transgressions. He said that he was prompted to say that. Right there at that moment I felt his comfort and his arms around me because I have been always thinking about my past and hearing that from a diciple of the Lord really made me  happy that I can move on thorugh out my life without thinking back about how bad I was. Elder Pearson also said there are two ways of being successfull in life, we choose to be happy living in a world were we think we are good or we become the true people Heavenly Father wants us to be. He said we can't choose two sides because it can't work. We eaither choose to be disciples of Jesus Christ or live in the world were we think we are happy but we are not. That touched me too and I thought to myslef that an effective servant of the Lord is not only effective on his mission but also off his mission. The church is all about wokring and progressing, Elder Pearson also said the mission is preparing us to become the next gengeration that takes over the church. This is so true because everything we do is preparing all of us to be the next leaders of the church who take over. It amazes me how the church is not centered just on one person but with everyone and how through Jesus Christ and his teachings, we can progress in life. We need to choose because when we stay in between nothing good comes out of that choice and we see ourselfs not progressing in life. Elder Pearson had so much to say that my heart was full and my soul was lightened up again. He also said it is important to find our lost sheep, talking about the less actives and how we need to bring them back into the fold and the reason they are not coming back to church is because they do not understand the process of repentance. Through Jesus Christ and His Atonement we can all be forgiven. Hearing Elder Pearson's testimony about the Atonement just touched everyone in the room, people were crying left to right and the room was filled with the spirit.
I just want to add my testimony that the prophets and the leaders of the church are true seers and revelators. They have been called of God to protect this church and the members. I have only been out for six months and I have seen the gospel unfold right in front of me! Jesus Chirst does live and he does know how every single one of us feels. We are all diciples of Jesus Christ and we all have that potential in life to reach our highest. At times we forget who we are but there it's only one person who never forgets. That is our Heavenly Father. Take time in your prayers to ask Heavenly Father where you stand with him or where we are with him in life and I promise you, you will get your answer when you ask "Heavenly Father how do you see me as your child?"
I love you all and hope you can learn more about the gospel. Ask our Father in Heaven to help you through your studies because if we want him to help us in life we first have to get to know him and find him out for oursleves. I encourge you to find him for youself, start with the basics by reading the true book that he has put on the earth today, The Book Of Mormon!
Hope you all have a fantastic and safe week! Love you tons with all my heart!

Elder Thorpe

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