Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - Changes!

It´s been an interesting week. Tuesday night Elder Schumacher and I went to Encarnación, stayed over night, and went to Posadas Wednesday morning to send him home. I was in Posadas pretty much all day Wednesday with all the missionaries that are ending their missions... It was kind of weird. I knew a lot of them too.. one was my trainer, a few of my leaders that I had grown close to.. I don´t know anybody in the mission now! Wednesday night I went back to Encarnación where my new companion, Elder Nascimento, was waiting. He´s from Brazil, he´s got a fun personality, works hard, and only has 14 months in the mission so thankfully I won´t have to ¨kill¨ 3 missionaries in a row. Maybe I´ll learn some Portugese while I have the chance.
We didn´t get back to our area until Thursday night. I felt weird Friday and Saturday working with a different companion for some reason. I was really close to Elder Schumacher.. after opening the area and all together it just felt strange coming back with someone else. But anyway, everything´s going great now. 
I also got to talk to my family yesterday for Mother´s Day.. so that was fun. 
I don´t really have much to say except that I´ve just been adjusting to the new situation. The Benitez family, the one we baptized, are still doing really well. They keep coming to church and they read and pray together every day. Well actually, they told me they do Family Home Evening every night. Maybe they didn´t understand that that was supposed to be on Mondays.. but hey, if they want to do it every night I´m not going to stop them! The 10 year old, Paula, just loves reading about Joseph Smith and also in the Book of Mormon. I asked her one of her favorite stories and she told me about the brother of Jared, and how God touched the stones so they could have light in the boat. I thought it was pretty impressive how well she comprehends it all. We also talked about going to the temple. They´re all excited for that now too. Gosh I love that family!
Well that pretty much sums up my week.. hopefully I´ll have more for the week following. Talk to you later!
Elder Taylor

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