Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Elder Kaden Barlow - May 7 2014

Elder Granados and Elder Barlow
Hey Family! So this week has been great!!

So Monday all day for P-day last week we were playing sports and we were both super exhausted. In the lessons that night we were both falling asleep it was kinda bad. There was one point that I completely spaced out and Elder Granados sorta did too. He just looked at me expecting me to take my turn but I hadn't heard what he said so I just sorta winged it. It happened to both of us and we were laughing about it all night.

Tuesday, we had our weekly pizza night!! Yeah I know that’s just what you want to hear as the highlight of my week seeing as I’m a missionary, but really I look forward to some pizza that tastes good.  It’s not American good but who cares! Also I think that I’m starting to gain weight!

Wednesday we had a great lesson. We have this family, the Irasmawright family, and they love having us come and teach them but they just won't get to church. So we went and had a lesson on church attendance. We were super bold and the spirit was super strong. In the end the dad, Rafiel, well, we could tell he definitely got the message. He was like yeah I know you guys are worried and we should be taking this more seriously. I just loved the look on his face, it was great. Sadly... they didn’t come to church Sunday. But it was raining and you probably don't understand but the Dominicans hate rain and never NEVER go out in it... it’s ridiculous. So we will see about this upcoming Sunday.

I mentioned Alexander and Ruby last week, but they showed up at church yesterday! It was my first full family to ever show up at church together. In the principles of doctrine class she totally shared all this great stuff that she had learned about Joseph Smith. When she finished Elder Cardoso looked up at me as I was trying to hide the smile on my face and I just gave him a wink then looked over at Elder Granados who gave me a fist pump. ;) We had already invited them to be baptized and they said yes but we are hoping to put a date with them soon :) You know if Dominicans kept all the commitments they make we would have tons of baptisms. I was looking at my list of people we are teaching and almost all of them have said yes to the baptismal invitation... We only now have to get them to comply. :) haha

We visited the book fair that they do once a year here in the capital it was really cool. Never seen so many books in this country... well haven't seen very many at all in this country... So when we went to the book fair, the security was probably the toughest that I have passed through. I mean they patted me down!! Weird feeling that was. I know I’m a representative of Jesus Christ but do I look like a terrorist?? Oh well makes a fun experience. 


Love you all,


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