Friday, May 23, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - May 21, 2014

This week`s been longer than most.. not sure why. Wednesday we went to Natalio to have our district meeting. We practiced cutting the lesson with investigators who talk too much. I thought it was pretty funny.. because it happens all the time. We go up to a house and the person takes out some chairs and just starts to talk about all these experiences they`ve had that have nothing to do with the lesson.. and then we move on to the next point and they have another random story from their childhood that they want to tell us that also doesn`t have anything to do with the lesson.. it`s always a good time. 
We did teach a new family this week that the Ramirez family showed us. The dad`s name is Ramòn, but I don`t remember his wife`s name. They have a little boy that looks like he`s about 3 or 4. The lesson went well.. we talked about the Restoration. Ramon said that he`s gone to many churches but never felt like any one of them was the true one.. and that he wants to investigate more. So hopefully this turns out well!
At church on Sunday we had good attendance again. We filled up Brother Ramirez`s house. One of the members has a sister named Petronila who`s been coming a lot, and we`re hoping she`ll get baptized within the next couple of weeks.
There`s not much to tell from this week.. I have been improving on my studies in the mornings. I`ve learned a lot more this week than I had normally in the past. I always get excited when I learn new things.. it just makes me want to go tell everybody!
That`s about all I have new for this week.. talk to you later!
Elder Taylor

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