Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Elder Almen Thorpe - April 27, 2014

Hello family! 

The week went great! We had two of our investigators who have set the date for the tenth of May to be baptized, show up for church the other day! The best part is that they both stayed for the full three hours! Veronica and Antoine are brother and sister. The members did a great job in making them feel welcome and two of our members who are also brother and sister, have been asked to fellowship with Veronica and Antonio. They hit it off great. They all get along and the brother and sister that are members went and to pick up Veronica and Antonio for church. It was an amazing Sunday! Veronica is 18 and Antoine is 14. Their mom is Catholic but approves that both of them to be baptized. The great thing about this miracle is that Veronica and Antonio's older sister is married to a member. They both expressed that they want their brother-in-law to baptize them! Elder Wiedrich and I fasted for all five of our set investigators. They are all set for sometime in May. It feels like a miracle that these two came to church and are ready to enter into the waters of baptism. 

We also had a miracle in finding a lady sitting down on a log with bags of food she was carrying while taking a rest. It was no accident that we ran into her. She and her husband used to have missionary discussion's. It's just her boy and her husband that live at home. She told us that even though she is Catholic she doesn't feel like the Catholic church is for her. As soon as she said this my companion and I looked at each other with astonishment! She said "I only go to the Catholic church on Sunday because if I don't go I feel guilty for not going, but still I don't feel it fits me". This all came from just asking her if she needed help carrying her groceries! We later helped her carry her bags back to her place and met her husband and 12 year old son who is, by the way, about 6 feet tall as a twelve year old. They want us to come back this week and visit with the family and get to know them. We are excited and feel they are ready to be taught more.

What a wonderful week!! Loved it and had a blast! Still going strong and no place like doing missionary work! Hope all is well and all of you are doing great! Miss you all. Please keep all our investigators in your prayers! Love you and I'll talk to you all on Mother's Day!! 

From Elder Thorpe 

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