Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elder Kaden Barlow - April 16. 2014

Elder Brockbank, Elder Barlow, and Elder Cunico
This week has been great!! :) I’ll start with the best part! We got transfer calls and I received Elder Granados here in Villa Carmen C!! :) I’m super excited.

Elder Granados and I get along great :) Seems like forever since I have had a companion that has wanted to go out and work hard :) He is from Utah, Provo I think, but he is Mexican and came to the CCM [MTC] for only two weeks because he already knows Spanish. He has the same time in the mission as me. He is helping me a lot with my Spanish because in the street we always try to speak it :) Just from lesson one with him, our unity was so much better than me and Elder Ponce's and we have had some great lessons.

Day 2 of being with him we set a baptismal date with Carolyn! I don't know if I told you the story with her. We were teaching her sister Estefani for awhile, dropped her, and then came back. But really I think it has all been for Carolyn. She has progressed a ton. She was overhearing us teach one day and came out and was basically like, why aren't you guys teaching me? Anyway we taught lesson 1 and about the Book of Mormon and she started reading and said she was really touched and started crying and just really understands! Hopefully this date doesn't fall through. We have got a bunch of new investigators this week and have been rejected a lot too.... some people are ridiculous.

As for other things. We had a great service activity this last Saturday. We spent almost all day painting a house of some people in Villa Carmen. It was super fun, although I don't recommend trusting the missionaries to paint your house...but it actually turned out very well in the end! :) Also our ward got ward missionaries!!! I think we are one of the only wards in the Dominican republic with ward missionaries I was pretty excited! We could actually have people to teach our recent converts after they are baptized!! haha

We decided to try to teach a bunch of Latinos how to play flag football. Elder Cardoso and I stayed up last night and made flags out of a bunch of old pants and shirts that were laying around. It went ok but they really didn't get the concept of when a play stops and that you don't continue passing the ball forward after the initial throw.... but it was fun! :)

Let’s see…funny story for the week. Elder Cardoso fell asleep on top of his phone and at 3 in the morning accidently called President Hernandez! Imagine being a Mission President and getting a call from a missionary at 3 am. What would you be thinking? Anyway he tried calling back, but, well, Cardoso was asleep. Then he called back in the morning, but he just laughed about it so that was good. I got a good laugh out of that.


Elder Barlow

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