Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - April 21. 2014

Another week in Carlos Antonio Lopez.. it´s been great as usual.
On Tuesday I had to go to Asunción to fill out papers so that I can legally be here or something.. but it was fun. We got to go visit the Temple and the distribution center. I bought a New Testament, Book of Mormon hard cover, and Preach My Gospel small version.. I was pretty happy haha. We also got to eat Lomito arabe for lunch.. which is like a Paraguayan burrito and is one of my favorite foods here.. just to make the day even better.
The rest of the week we were just teaching and finding new people to teach. We´re hoping to see a couple baptisms the 3rd of May, the week before my companion goes home. There´s a member here named Juana, and we´ve been teaching her two brothers, Hugo and Silvano. They´ve had problems with drinking alcohol, but they´ve been doing good so  far in stopping! Also that member has another sister, Petronila, who pretty much considers herself a member already, she just needs to be baptized. All three have been coming to church since we´ve been here. Also Hermana Beatriz, who is one of the daughters of Hermano Ramirez (which is the guy that holds the church meetings in his house), went with us to visit her neighbor María, who also came to church yesterday with her two daughters. There´s one other family, the Barrios family, that we found by ourselves that really like what we teach. We brought one of the sons, Ricardo, to church as well yesterday. It was awesome how many people showed up, the whole room was full with people spilling outside on the porch as well. That made us pretty happy! 
This week was also semana santa.. or holy week I guess you would say in English.. which is a big deal for people here. Brother Ramirez´s two sons that live in Asuncion now came over to spend the week.. they were really awesome. Both returned missionaries as well. 
Well I hope I´m giving enough details in my letters.. I know how much my mom loves details.. haha. I´m really growing to love this area and these people more and more every day. I wouldn´t hesitate to say it´s my favorite area so far. And my companion just makes it even better. He´s a lot of fun. It´ll be sad so see him go in 2 weeks. My testimony has grown in many ways and my desires to share the gospel are growing. Hope you all have a good week!
Elder Taylor

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