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Elder Almen Thorpe - March 23. 2014: Good Day?

Elder Thorpe
Hello! How is the family? 
This week is going by fast, transfer's are this companion and I try not to talk about it that much because it brings tears to our eyes...well kinda. We will know by Tuesday night if my companion and I will be transferred or not. By next Monday I will let you know if anything else has changed, but it is so good to hear from you. I'm glad that the weather over there is getting a lot better, the clouds down here are starting to move in and the sun is starting to disappear. Seeing that video of Kasen made me smile! He is getting so big and smart! Please give him a hug for me. I miss him so much!!!. 
During the week I had some very spiritual events that happened to my companion and I. After a day of having a trade off with the other Elders, my companion and I swapped back to be together and having no impressions we decided to walk a different way (we had no success seeing any of our investigators). This was on a Thursday evening. We walked past the pool and as we were both walking I looked over to the other side of my companions shoulder and noticed a girl sitting and just leaning against the fence. As missionaries of the New Zealand Auckland Mission we talk with everyone, that is our motto, so with no hesitation my companion and I both decided to go up to her and talk to her. We got closer and all of the sudden I recognized who the girl was. It was one of our investigators partner named Rane. Rane was partners with one of our investigators named Kaua who is a Cook Islander. Kaua was someone who drank, did weed, and a lot of bad stuff. A month ago my companion and I heard screaming coming from Kaua's house. On Thursday as we talked to Rane on the sidewalk she told us during that night she was beaten up by Kaua and sent to the Dr. office. This all happened because Rane caught Kaua with another girl. She got angry at him and he got really angry at her and decided to beat her up. At the time we saw her, Rane was thinking of killing herself by jumping off a bridge. Not only has she lost her kids at court and gotten beaten up but her own family but she was kicked  out of her own house. Her mom and dad didn't want anything to do with her.
In the middle of our conversation my companion had an impression to take Rane up to the chapel which was only around the corner. On our way to the chapel we saw the other two Elders walking towards the chapel as well, we made it to the chapel and my companion took one of the other Elders with him to go get one of our bishop's counselors whiled I stayed back with Elder Blake and Rane in the room where the baptismal font is. Elder Blake and I started to talk to Rane to make her feel comfortable. She had a lot of questions on her mind and with the spirit we were able to comfort her! This is a 20 year old girl who has been beaten up, kicked out and thinking of taking her own life. With Heavenly Father as our guide we were able to express how He really feels about her. Brother Kata who is in the bishopric showed up and Elder Blake, Brother Kata and I were in the room with her while my companion and Elder Blake's companion stood outside in the hallway. I am not going to take any credit because I'm not going to boost of myself, but boost of my God! He is the one that did all this, He is the one that reached out to her, He is the one that truly cares about His daughter, our sister, that has been going through some trials.
I was reading in Alma today and how the sons of Mosiah went into the Lamanites territory to preach the gospel and how in all their struggles they turned to God. When they were presented with a miracle they didn't boost in themselves but they gave all their thanks and love to God. For example, Ammon didn't say he saved all the Lamanites from getting killed or saving the king's  sheep, he gave all his love and effort and gratitude to the Lord.
During that time with Rane, I could feel the spirit of God literally working with her. She felt His comfort and love. I have a strong testimony that He is literally there!! I cannot deny that! Heavenly Father will never turn his back on us, even through our struggles in life He will find a way to make sure that we will feel His love. He is not going to leave us in this world all alone!!! Please, whoever you see sitting alone, if you have a prompting to go see someone don't ignore that feeling. You'll never know if you can change that persons life just by saying hello or stopping to see if they are okay. I have seen it with my own eyes, the miracle that can happen when you do listen and act on the impressions of the Holy Ghost.
After we talked to Rane, Brother Kata took some time to talk to her one on one. She will be getting some help. We drove her back to her place to make sure she would make it there safely. Rane's attitude towards everything changed. She said she couldn't believe how she was so close to giving up her life and how that was not a very smart idea.
Later that day we met up with one of the YSA boy's named Scott. He was there with the other Elders when they were walking up to the chapel. Scott told us when he saw us walking up to the chapel with Rane, he saw a personage above Rane all dressed up just like we were dressed up. What an amazing miracle to hear. I am so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful miracle. I can't express the joy and happy feelings that overcame me. It was a feeling that was indescribable and something that I will always hang onto dearly in my heart. Just thinking about what might have happened if my companion and I didn't show up at that spot at the time Rane was there is something that I am grateful for. Heavenly Father puts us in the right places at the right time for a reason, no dought about it. That just shows that He is there and He is watching everything that we do. 
That was my favorite miracle that happened this week with my companion and I. You don't need big miracles to have proof that Heavenly Father is there, all you need to do is walk by faith and He will put you in the right spot. You may not know why, but he does. Believe in Him and all that He has done. I have a testimony that He is literally there, always watching us with His open arms. He loves every single one of us. He wants to help us. I know this to be true because I have seen it happen in my life. I love Him with all my heart and my soul. I am thankful for Him giving me this time in  my life to get closer to Him. He is my everything, He is my friend and most of all He is my Father.
We also learned at church today that fathers have amazing priesthood power to do miracles just like our Savior did. I have also seen a miracle with that on and off my mission with my nephew Kasen who was going through some struggles early in his life. With that power of the Priesthood that dad held I got to see that power really work through him. Dads should always strive to keep the commandments and be worthy of that priesthood. I am blessed to have seen that beautiful miracle happen as I helped dad give Kasen many blessings. Now my little nephew, Kasen is growing up big and smiling a lot. Dad's are sons of our Heavenly Father who all learned from Him before this life, learning how to take care of their families, to be that good example to their kids and always strive to do activities with them in sports, school, or etc. I am blessed to have a wonderful dad that works hard to keep our family safe, with a roof over our head, food on the table and pillows and blankets on our beds. Dad you have been an example to me ever since I was little, thank you. You are my example and helped me to be who I am today. You did so much for me and I appreciate everything you are for mom, how you treat her with love and care for her because she is your wife and she is a daughter of God. 
I hope all your week goes well and everyone stays safe. You are all in my prayers everyday. I love you all. have a wonderful week!!! Keep on working, everything we do has to deal with work work work! Loose yourself in the work! 

LOVE ELDER THORPE! p.s. happy be-lated Birthday Reese!! 

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