Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - Tjena alla mina familj och vänner!!

With his new companion and one of the sisters

I seriously cant believe how fast the last two weeks have gone by. If this keeps up my mission will be over tomorrow. I don't even know where to begin, as usual.
Last week we went up into the Svenska Kyrkan tower and the young man that took us up was searching different churches. Well, eariler this week my companion and I were on the bus going to Vallås to get in contact with some less-active and non-active members. On one of the stops our friend that took us up to the tower got on the bus. We started talking to him obviously and eventually got his name and number. His name is Samuel. Samuel ended up getting off on the exact same stop as us. He was going home from school. I pulled out my map to try and find where these people live but Samuel was just like "Oh, I know where they live. Let me show you." So he went with us and showed us where they live. It was pretty awesome, actually. Well, as we started trying to visit these members he went home. Every single person we visited that day and everyday is not interested in coming back to church. They wont even let us back in their house. There really is nothing we can do with these people. They just get mad when we come to their home.
So, we go work on finding investigators. On Saturday my companion and I knocked on over 70 doors, contacted everybody on the street we could and guess what we got? Nothing. Not a single number, not a single address, not a single "yes I am interested." It was quite disapointing. One lady did say she had a lot of work to do, so we offered our help. She seemed to be slightly more interested. She said we could come back but refused to give us her number. She said "You'll just have to come by and hope I am home." So we might stop by a time or two since that was the most postitive we got! That was just on saturday, though.
Earlier this week we went out street conacting in Vallås. We talked to one young woman from the middle east somewhere. When we asked her if she would like to know more about the meaning of life her face was like "uhhh... duuuhh I do!" It was pretty funny. But, she didnt give us her number because she wasnt sure her "mom would be okay with it." Which is alright, she gave us her email address instead. So we emailed her and hopefully she will respond back.
Last week I also mentioned we met a guy who owns a candy shop by our house, also from the middle east. We went and talked to him for a while this week. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would start reading it. Yippy! We will keep going back.
Thursday was ZONE CONFERENCE!! It was pretty fun, too. On the way back was CHAOS! Firstly, Bilodeau and I forgot to purchase bus tickets back to the train station from the church. So we had to walk (and run the last ½ to 1 mile) the entire way back. We got back RIGHT as the train was leaving. So we just made it on the train, only to find out we were on the WRONG TRAIN that was going to Copenhagen! We pushed the open door button a thousand times and a worker had to run up to the conductor and stop the train for us to get off. So we jump off and we see the sisters running toward us thinking that was the train they had to get on. When we jumped off they were like "what is going on?" well, right as they say that, a voice comes on over the intercom in the trainstation saying that there was a train crash between Malmö and Lund. So it was causing all sorts of chaos everywhere. No one had any idea what train to get on. A little while later we ended up meeting 2 other Elders and 2 other Sisters that were going to Kristianstad, but also had their train delayed. So we wait for like an hour and finally we find out that they are sending busses and we have to take the bus home. As we were walking to the busses, we ran into the AP's. They, like us, were delayed. They had to get to Göteborg the following day for the next Zone Conference. To make a LONG story short, we ended up walking back and forth between bus station and train station. We ended up staying in Malmö for over 4 hours. President called the APs after  a while and was like "uhhh where are you??" So when he found out that 11 of us were still stuck in Malmö he was going to send a private bus to come pick us up! But we ended up being able to get on a train just a few minutes later. We didnt get home until almost midnight. It was a LONG day, but it certainly was a great adventure!
And guess what! You could probably say I'm pretty much fluent. Well, kinda. I cant say EVERYTHING I want to say, but most things. If I cant say something the way I want to say it, I can find a way around and give about the same meaning. The other day I was giving a guy a Book of Mormon but we were speaking English. In my head I must have been thinking in Swedish because I said "Vi har en bok för du..." then I realized I was speaking Swedish so I shook my head and said it in Enlgish. It was WEIRD!!!! BUT IT WAS AWESOME!!
My tonsel is still swollen. The anti-biotics didnt work. I should probably go to the doctor. BUT IM SO BUSY I DONT HAVE TIME! Oh well, if it gets in the way then I will go.

Thats all I really have time for right now. I have negleted sending my friends emails the past few weeks because I wrote so much to you! I just want to leave with a quick testimony of the BEST quote given in conference last week. "DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS BEFORE YOU DOUBT YOUR FAITH!" This Gospel is the true gospel. Christ and our Heavenly Father are perfect beings and therefore this the perfect church! Whatever you have doubts on, it is the doubt of man and man is not perfect! In a more simple way of saying it "If you think this church is wrong, you are wrong!" I have gained so much knowledge and love while on my mission. I know that this is the true chruch, that this gospel is for everyone, and that families are FOREVER! I love this gospel and I love this work!

Ha det så bra!!!

Äldste Tanner

Awesone Fall day

Tylösand beach- nicest beach in Sweden

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