Monday, October 21, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - October 21, 2013

This week I had a lot of fun. On Tuesday, the new Americans had to go to Asunción to sign something that says we can stay in Paraguay for 6 more months. I don´t know if that means I´ll be here for a while longer or not, but I would assume so. I probably won´t be able to go into Argentina until the second year of my mission. I like being with the other new missionaries, but I don´t at the same time. They always want to talk English to each other and I just sit here like I'm not going to learn anything if I do that! I tried encouraging them to speak the mission language. Something else cool happened with the language. I live next door to our zone leaders as you probably know, and one of them wanted me to speak English to him so he could learn. I tried.. but things kept leaving in Spanish. I always wanted to get to a point where that happened, but I didn´t think it would be so soon! haha. I'm excited to learn even more. Saturday and Sunday were really fun. We are teaching a kid named Leonardo who only speaks Guaraní, so we asked one of the Deacons in the ward to accompany us so he could translate. We never got to teach Leonardo because he wasn´t home, but the Deacon (named Johnny) was so happy just being with us. He´s only 12 years old and he asked us Saturday if he could go again with us on Sunday. So two days this week we had him with us. It made me realize again what I had always looked forward to as a kid in the church. We sang songs about being a missionary all the time in primary and talked about it in Young Men's a lot, and now I'm here. It made me appreciate my calling here and feel even more comfortable. And I had a lot of fun with Johnny and my companion. The days went by really fast when we were with him.. I´m starting to just enjoy being here more, and that makes everything more bearable. When you have fun, life is a whole lot better. We decided to go and look for the people who told us they´d come to church, but none of them would come with us or they were sleeping. One of the families was going to come, but apparently when the member that takes them arrived at their house, they made up excuses of why they couldn´t come. It´s disappointing, because we had a talk with the mother this week and committed her to baptism. She told us she wanted to get baptized.. maybe she just needs a little extra push. 

Also, yesterday I realized how much I miss drinking milk. I had a liter left of milk, and I just decided to go all out and drink all of it. I'm trying to figure out a way that I can buy more without losing other things I need... but not that any of you needed to know that. Well, have a good week! 
Elder Taylor

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