Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - What Does The Fox Say???


Family and Friends,
First things first. I had no idea about "What does the fox say?" obviously. We were at Bishops house on Sunday for dinner and he told us about it. Then he showed it to us. But I think I died laughing. The old guy when he goes "wuffff wufff wufff wuffff wuffff" hahahahahahaha. Oh my heck. Funniest thing ever. Maybe just because I havent seen anything like that in forever.
I am staying in Halmstad, as you know by now. I am getting a new companion named Elder Billadue (but i dont know if thats how its spelled.) We get sisters, too, as I menioned. One of them is Sister Christensen and I dont know the other. Tomorrow Millsap goes to Helsingborg and Billadue comes here to Halmstad. Wednesday the sisters come and we'll get settled in. I think I am going to like this, a lot. When these new missionaries come, I will be the only missionary here who knows Halmstad in and out. :) Its kinda fun, I think. As I mentioned, we will be in a District with the Sisters, my comp will be the District Leader and I will be the Senior Companion. It will be really good transfer. I am exctied to see what big changes will happen the next 6 weeks and such.
Jens. We are talking to him right now, actually. We were just sitting here writing home and he walks up to us and wants to talk. We arnt talking religion right now. He's having a hard time with his life, so we are just talking about... well... life. So if this letter is short, thats why. He didnt get baptized on the 28th. He hasnt read anything, so it could be a while before we get him in the waters of baptism. Its too bad, though, for Millsap. He was really excited about Jens. Billadue and I will work hard with him. He is so stubborn though. He knows what the spirit fills like and we feel it every time we teach him. His problem is that he just wont commit. We ask him to read, he says yes. Next lesson we find out he hasn't read anything and says why (which is usually a pathetic excuse, to be honest). So we try asking him to do different stuff like pray, come to church or innabandy, and he doesnt commit to anything. So its been tough with him. We just keep praying and hope the Lord will lead us in the right direction with him. I am not going to give up on him until I feel from the Sprit (and my companion confirms it) that we need to stop teaching him. He needs people to talk to, and we are those people. So, I am glad about that. I feel like we are good people for him to talk to.
Tony. Well, now that Millsap is leaving he doesnt want to meet with us. He told me "You can come to my house, but not your companion. If your companion comes, then the missionaries will never stop coming. So if you want to come to visit me, give me a call and I will come and get you. But not your companion." That was a little bit depressing. He did tell Millsap he would get baptised in 20 years. But, obviously, thats not a very good... date... for a baptism. I was able to convince him to meet us at the library once in a while. So, we havent completly lost him. Like with Jens, I wont stop meeting with him until I get a confirmation to stop or he just refuses.
The good part about both of these, is that they actually have done missionary work for us! Tony gave us a referal to one of his friends and Jens gave his friends one of his 3 Book of Mormon. Last saturday we met with Tonys friend at an asain buffet. It was good too. We didnt just come out and talk about our religion, actually. We felt like we just needed to be really soft and just more get to know him than anything else. We know where he lives so we might go knock on his door (with my new comp) in a few days and just slowly work our way up to lessons.
Now that I have been out in the feild for some time, I have been realizing now more than ever just how important the spirit is. You never ever know when an opportunity will come up to teach someone. I realize a lot more now what "set apart" means. We are seperate from the world. We are in it, but not really. For example, I spend everyday outside and I see what the style of clothes is like, I see posters for movies, I see drugs and cigars all over the street, but all of that is a distraction from the Spirit. Like I say, I didnt even know about What Does the Fox Say?. Its because I am focused on what needs to be done and I work hard to not worry about what the "world" is doing. The talk I gave in church on my farewell about how to recognise the spirit has been really really helpful to me. I know that talk helped me realize what the spirit is, and what it sounds like, and how to follow it. Missionary work without the Spirit is like... the story of Lord of the Rings without the One Ring. Just like everything revolves around The Ring, everything revolves around the Spirit.
And I think I will just end it with that. I love you guys! Miss you lots!
Have it good!
Äldste Tanner

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