Thursday, October 3, 2013

Elder Kaden Barlow - Beak Soup

Elder Barlow and Elder Lumene

Santo Domingo Temple
On visiting the local university: “We went to the University this last Friday. We got there and just went out contacting! Me and my compañero placed two Book of Mormons and left a bunch of pamphlets with people. It was so much fun, I was super sad we only had just over an hour there. My favorite guy that we taught was this guy named Fernando. He was one of them that we gave the Book of Mormon to. We taught him for around 35 minutes because he just kept wanting to know more! It was really cool to test out our Spanish. :) We will go to the University tomorrow for the last time and then the last two Fridays we are here we go out on splits into our mission so that will be super cool!”
On playing the piano: “This last Sunday I accompanied one of the Elders in my district as he sang a solo. We mashed together an arrangement of Come Thou Fount and Joseph Smiths First Prayer(Is that the English name?) because there is no arrangement of Come Thou Fount in Spanish :( We have been playing piano in that room I told you about the first week, everyday after lunch. One time we accidently walked in on one of our teachers who was taking a nap in there so now we actually have permission and we usually draw a bunch of Dominicans and Missionaries in that want to listen. :)”
On the food: I got sick last night and was in the bathroom for awhile, not sure what I ate but I’m pretty sure it was the mystery soup that we had for lunch.. Someone said they found a beak in theirs and I wasn’t the only one sick. The food is done by some Dominican guy, he shows up in his truck everyday. So the food is made else where and brought here. He is a cool guy named Alex and is always teaching Elders things they shouldn’t say. Not bad, just slang that isn't professional.”
Life in the D.R.: “The power goes out here all the time! There is a generator here in the CCM so most the time the lights come right back on, but last week I got to use my headlight for a few minutes! Also the Dominicans are very relaxed! Things don't really start on time, except for the meetings run by the Americans, even in the CCM haha. I’m super excited for General Conference Saturday and Sunday It will be really cool to be in the CCM and to watch it. One other cool thing that I did this week was teaching TRC again. It was really cool to see how much more me and my companion could speak in Spanish. We taught a great lesson on prayer and even got cookies. I love the Rodriguez family and I can’t wait till next Monday to teach them again.
On Sundays: “Yes I love the CCM and my favorite part is probably Sunday where we can go back to English. . . I get so tired that its nice just to relax and feel the spirit. Plus on Sundays we get Pizza and Ice Cream. . . I taught the District Sunday School class this week on hope. I didn’t prepare much I just had preach my gospel and a few thoughts and figured I could go for 40 minutes and it was no big deal. Then the MTC president walked in with his wife and asked if he could join us, and I started getting nervous. Thanks to the spirit though the lesson went really well and they enjoyed it. She asked us after to help her make pizza for dinner so we got to make 25 pizzas after watching The Joseph Smith movie. I LOVE Sundays!!”

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