Monday, October 7, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - October 7

This week has been good! My favorite part was General Conference. I love how everyone has to go to the church to watch it, it makes you feel more united as a church. I never realized how amazing it is too that I can sit here, thousands of miles away, and see into the Conference Center in Salt Lake. It made me realize how really united we are as a church. There are people all over the world who come together every 6 months to hear the prophet and Apostles speak. It´s kind of amazing. I got to hear it in English, so that was good too! We had three of our investigators show up to the Sunday morning session, and I was so glad they did. They don´t realized how great of an opportunity this is, but I´m hoping we can help them learn. To be quite honest, I don´t remember much of the week besides that.. we spent every day inviting people to conference because of what a special opportunity it is. I never appreciated conference at home as much as I do here. I loved how many messages there were about families.. it made me want my own. But we all know that´s not going to happen for a while so.. haha. We did teach Abrahan again, the guy that came up to us while drunk in the street a couple weeks ago. He´s really great. I know he has a strong desire to quit smoking and drinking, but its hard for him, and it´s hard for me to know how to help him since I´ve never known anyone that does that before. It is kind of upsetting when he pulls out his cigarettes in the middle of the lesson.. I just want to yell what are you doing!?!?!!! I have a feeling like that wouldn´t go over too well though.. sometimes I feel like Paraguayans have no concept of the word commitment.. but I¨m going to keep trying! And Conference helped a lot. I also loved how they said that now is the time for members and missionaries to work together. I feel like that was something this ward needed to hear as well as many others. I feel bad now for not trying to help them when I was at home.. there really is more success in the work when the member help the missionaries. I guess we´ll see if anyone´s attitude changes. We also went to ItaipĂș this morning, which is apparently the biggest dam in the world. It was pretty huge.. I think it powers all of Paraguay and part of Brazil.. crazy, huh? I thought it was really cool that we got to go see that. Well, have a good week everyone!
Elder Taylor

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