Monday, October 14, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - October 14, 2013

This week has been pretty great. Last Monday night we went and taught a family whose father is inactive and his wife isn´t a member. They have a 3 year old daughter too. His name is Sergio and hers is Roxana, and we´ve actually been visiting them since my first week here. But on Monday, we taught them the law of chastity since they´re not married. I thought they were going to get upset, but Sergio told us that he knows it´s wrong, and they should get married. They both actually have a big desire to get married. They just can´t because they´re so poor. Their house is just a tiny room with a dirt floor.. it´s pretty sad. They also told us that they know they need to go to church, and that they would go this Sunday. They were really committed to it, and I was sure they would come...but they didn´t. I don´t know why, but it was disappointing. Sergio doesn´t really have a job, he just does what he can each day to earn money. After Monday and their decision do to that, he found a lot of work that week and he was able to find more money than usual. Roxana told us that she can always feel something different when we come share something with them, and she loves it when we come to their house. After all that, I don´t know why they didn´t come to church! Maybe an emergency came up.. I don´t know yet, but we´re going to talk with them again soon. We also did splits on Wednesday, and I was with a Chilean.. he was a little crazy.. but luckily it was only for 3 hours. Two weeks ago, we met with a family that we had taught (named the Castillo family) but had given up on because they were never home when they told us they would be. I don´t even remember why we went back, but we did. We found a bunch of their extended family there, and we taught them a message. One little boy had a hurt foot and we  gave him a blessing that he would get better. The little boy was crying and scared, but we did it with the help of his mom. Last week, we visited them again, and the mom told us that his foot was already better. The little boy was happy to see us again, and they all expressed appreciation for what we had done. The grandfather of the boy promised us he would visit our church on Sunday. It was really quite amazing. The sad part is that he didn´t come to church. We actually had 7 different people promise us they´d come, and none of them did. It´s sad to me because I know what they´re missing. I hope we can do better this week. This last week was full of great things, just a little disappointing on Sunday. But anyway, that´s pretty much it! Hasta luego,

Elder Taylor

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