Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elder Kaden Barlow - October 20, 2013

Dominican Republic MTC at night
I was able to listen to general conference during Saturday and Sunday.  There were many talks about missionaries! It was awesome. This last weekend was very relaxing. We didn’t have to work so hard, and Sister Freestone made us cinnamon rolls and nachos. Another favorite thing this week was eating Papa John’s Pizza. What a surprise!
Yes my days are numbered! I only have 3 more days of AC and comfort!!
This week with the new missionaries they translated sacrament into English for them. It was cool to be able to understand when they couldn't. Also I was kinda mad because they never did that for us! Also on Sunday we watched the Testaments! It was so good! I’m pretty sure I have never seen so many 18-19 yr old boys crying in the same room but the spirit was so powerful!!
I went to the University and I want to share some experiences. There was a person and he was Evangelist, when my companion and I approached him, he saw us and said, “I don’t need your church!” and then ran far away from us. There was another person named Jefferson. When we started to talk with him, he told us about many problems with his family, so we taught him about the plan of salvation. Jefferson has had a Book of Mormon but hasn’t read it. It was awesome because he was very excited. I hope he accepts the gospel. This week we gave away 3 Books of Mormon and we were there for 1 hour. The people are very nice. Almost everyone will listen to our message, all except for the man I told you about earlier.
OH and don't even start on crazy driving!!! It’s so crazy here!! I was out on splits and almost got hit 4 times!! I’m pretty sure that’s normal here! Hahah.  Also in one District Prayer Hermana Hilbun accidently prayed for chastity instead of charity and that was super funny. Mixed up Castidad and Caridad. We got a good laugh out of that.
Ok for the campo [field] experience! It was really eye opening and I enjoyed it. I would have enjoyed it more but the missionaries I went with were kinda tigre, they weren't the most obedient. I hope I get a great comp in a few days. One story though, when they dropped us off they just pulled up to a random street in SD [Santo Domingo] and told us to get off and the missionary that got the instructions (which were in Spanish) of how to find the missionaries didn't know Spanish. The guy already left before we figured that out, so we did what they guy thought he said and ended up an hour later being lost in Santo Domingo having no idea where we were or how to speak the language. Eventually we found a funeral home and luckily one of us had a number by chance for the east mission home and they gave us the number for the AP’s who gave us the number for the missionaries we were trying to find and eventually we were found. It’s super, super poor. I was teaching in little shacks, wood post walls with a sheet of metal on top the size of my bedroom. I almost wanted to cry, but the people are usually very happy! Except for the drunk we sorta got in a fight with. But we booked it out of there fast. Anyway be grateful siblings for the comfort of America!!
Love you guys!!

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