Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elder Almen Thorpe - Hi!!

Hi Mom, 
I was sad when it was Thanksgiving because you and the family were not here to share it with me. My companion and the other two Elders that share the flat with us were all thinking the same thing, how weird Thanksgiving was without our families. I miss you guys so much! Love you and the family!
The other three elders that are in my flat are Elder Dunika (from Australia) Elder Televianou (from Utah but born in Samoa) and Elder Jarnagin, my companion from Arizona. Elder Dunika and Elder Televianou are both the zone leaders of our zone, they are the two Elders who take care of the whole zone, and its a pretty big job. Both of the zone leaders are funny and really fun to be around,  both love to play sports and do things. Elder Televianou is huge and used to play football for the University of Utah until he tore his ACL in practice. Elder Dunika is just an all around great Elder. We all get along, we do work together but more like to save souls weekly. Elder Televianou and Elder Dunika are companions but are looking out for all the zone and as a zone our weekly goal is to save souls and to have a white Christmas for Christmas day. The area I'm in is split into different districts, and we all work as a team to baptize as many investigators as we can, so far my companion and I have two more people to baptize this Saturday.
My area is not a very rich area. The houses are nice for the members but its not like very nice American homes (I hope that makes since). Its a pretty busy area, everybody we see on the road walking or driving always waves to us or honk their horns at us to say hello, people down here treat missionaries like family. Even the gangs down here treat us like brothers but I haven't seen too many gangs, which is a good thing. Some days it can be busy and some days its more quiet and relaxing. Mom, when its quiet down here its so peaceful! Love it! Also you know how I was relaxed lazy....well my lazy is close to how laid back and relaxed the people are here. 

There's been a lot of people that we have seen but most recently my companion and I (Elder Jarnagin) were walking on the sidewalk of the road when a girl on the other side of the road yelled our names. We went across the street to talk to her and she wanted to know about the plan of salvation. We explained it to her a little bit but we couldn't get a whole lesson in because it was getting to the time where we needed to get back to the flat, so she told us we could come to her house the next day to teach her. The following day we went to her place and taught her about the plain of salvation, oh by the way, her name is Alice. Alice is 19 years old, had a lot of questions for us and we answered them the best we could. Half way through the lesson we learned from Alice that her dad passed away when she and her little sister were young. They both live with their aunt and with her aunts kids. At the end Alice understood our lesson and really wanted. us to go back to teach her. So in our next visit which is Tuesday we will explain a little more and ask her about her dad then from there talk about families and how they can be together forever. Also, Alice likes to read so she knows the bible really well because she goes to a bible study at her church but she doesn't think her church is making any sense. Mom, this girl is wanting some help and that was no accident that she called our names across the street, I believe her dad is looking out for her. Next time we see her we are gonna ask her to get baptized and we are hoping and praying she'll say yes. 

Lucky!! Wish I could of been there with you to see Amy and the fam. Tell them I say Hi and give them kisses for me!!! Families down here feed me like crazy!! I think I might have to lossen my belt a little. Anyways they don't celebrate Christmas or at least not a big holiday because it doesn't snow. Its hot here a lot which I love! Miss you guys a lot and tell Amy for me I said thanks for the presents, I haven't opened them all yet. Oh could you send me some more ties from the same place we got my suit please!!!!  Have a very merry christmas and we get to call you on Christmas day!! I can't wait!!! Love love love love love you!!! 
From your son and Elder Thorpe!!! Miss you mom and dad 

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