Monday, December 16, 2013

Elder Kaden Barlow - December 16, 2013

Elder Kaden Barlow
Que lo que hay?
So my new companero is Elder Shimamoto, he is Hawaiian so he speaks English!! His Spanish isn't super good. He struggled a long time with it. He said he didn't become proficient until he had over a year. He is a great example of patience to me. Elder Shimamoto can cook really good and he is teaching me. I know realize that I should have learned how to cook rice and beans before the mission, but hey I'm starting to get good. Also we have pancakes with a special syrup that one of his comps taught him and that’s always exciting.

I have an experience to share. One night before the transfer, Elder Tirado and I were out walking and the power went out. We kept going but I had this feeling that we should stop and turn around... I thought, well that could be the spirit but it could just be me... I'm going to need something bigger... I had just finished thinking that when a random guy stopped us and told us that he felt like we shouldn't go down that road... Needless to say I then realized that we probably shouldn't. We turned around, and I learned that I should probably obey the first time before I get robbed. December is pretty dangerous here. Elder Shimamoto got robbed Sunday before he transferred here... Everyone is trying to get their family stuff for Christmas. Also there is a ton of drinking and stuff. The bishop every week reminds them to stay strong.

We had a pet lizard come and start living in our house... I call him Spanky and he eats all the cockroaches, so I don't complain about him living here ;)

I’m now playing for the Stake Christmas choir! Every ward in the stake except one is using me for their pianist for the concert this upcoming Saturday. I played a duet with a guy playing a recorder and that was pretty cool too.The primary program was great! The spirit was strong. They do it different here, the primary literally does all of sacrament meeting. The prayers are even by the kids. The sacrament isn't, obviously, but yeah it was pretty great!

Saturday night they had a huge Christmas concert for the saints here in the Parque Ibreoamerica across from the temple. I got to see all my teachers from the MTC and it reminded me of temple square a bit with all the Mormons walking around! They started off with a movie and a Jon Schmidt song, the one they did in Goshen or whatever that place is called. It kinda made me a little trunky. :)
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