Monday, December 16, 2013

Elder Almen Thorpe - December 15, 2013

Elder Thorpe and Elder Jarnigan on Pday hike

Talofa lava!! means hello or hi is Samoa!! Everything is going great. 
That time will work for me for our Christmas call! I'm excited to hear everybody's voices!

Sister Tala and I did some baking together because she needed help so I put on an apron and got to work. I'll also go see if the calling cards I still have will work when I give you guys a call. P-day is going great and everything is dandy! It's hot and weird because it is usually rain or snow....this time of year.
I've had some mircles happen to me this week. First my companion and I have been working with this kid name Zavior. He's friends with one of sister Talas sons. He's 13 years of age and catholic, but we've been asking and asking him what would be holding him back from being baptized and we finally got his trust and he told us. He was already baptized but in his church, we explained to him that even though he was baptized it wasn't with the right authority. He wasn't sad but now he understands. We are hopping to set him up and get him baptized. Another miracle is we met this couple walking their dog on the road one day and their names are Danny and Bionca. Danny is a less active member and has been baptized but Bionca isn't, their story is interesting. Danny and Bionca were hard going with drugs and drinking but they then suddenly stopped because they didn't want to do it any more and they haven't started up again. We met with Danny yesterday and this is what he told us "meeting you missionaries on the road the other day was no accident" when he said those words I was amazed at how strong his faith was. Amazing how the spirit works. Danny and Bionca both have been looking for a way for help and meaning for life, like is there more for them.
My final mircle was that Friday we went on a trade off with the zone leaders and I went with Elder Talavivou, when we were almost done I had this impression we needed to go to this family that we've been working with for the past couple mouths. Now we've been getting denied by them because both the boys didn't want anything to do with us and the mom just didn't want to get baptized because of some issues. But Elder Talavinvou and I went to their place, the boys were there and we played some games and explanied a little bit about baptism because Leo, the 11 year old, didn't know the meaning of baptism and Dametry was scared to get baptized alone. Their older sister is a member but the two younger ones aren't either. The mom wasn't home so we couldn't go in the house to talk to them, but as we were leaving the mom pulled up. We got to talking to her for a awhile but this time we told her the reason why we aren't giving up on her family was because we loved them and love being around them. This changed her mind and we have an appointment for family home evaning with them tonight. 
I used my faith and didn't give up on this family, I'm hopping we will be able to get them all baptized and sealed together. This is the family we are supposed to see and teach all seven of them. My faith has grown and hasn't stopped, thank you mom and dad and I love you and miss you all. 
I haven't received my package yet but I hope I will soon. I'll call you all the 26th at 9:30 so 2:30 your time, thanks and I love you for everything.
Love , Elder Thorpe

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