Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elder Kaden Barlow - December 2, 2013


Mariani's Baptism
Let’s see, early in the week something scary happened. We had just walked past a street we were probably 30 or 40 yards past, when right behind us we heard three gun shots. We turned around and a guy had got shot in the leg. Everyone started screaming and ducking for cover and we took off! It was super sketchy! I about peed my pants. Luckily we weren't 15 seconds slower.
Saturday we had the baptism for Fransisco! It went great. I gave a talk and played the piano. The power went out for about 2 minutes and I was afraid that it was going to ruin everything but luckily it all turned good and now Fransisco is a member of the church. He is way awesome! In the first lesson he was smoking a cigarette and now he has completely given it up. He has changed so much.  Also next Saturday we have another baptism for Mariani.
Ok as for interesting things this week I have almost gotten eaten by 3 dogs! The first was huge and would have torn Elder Tirado and me to shreds. It was growling and we froze. Its owner thankfully came and saved us though. The other two actually chased me. One was small and so I just kicked it and it left me alone the other was well... it was medium size and it chased us but we got away :) I felt like a real missionary ;)
So the mission office is out of everything except restoration pamphlets and a few more Book of Mormons. Anyways so we got some of the Book of Mormons and Elder Tirado and I were teaching a lesson and we gave one away and then we asked her to look up a scripture and it turns out the copies had been printed upside down!!!! I had just read a quote from Amberlee about how god works with imperfect people all the time and he deals with it and so should we, but this was just an example that our church isn't perfect! On the bright side I kept one of the BOMs for myself that was upside down :)
Today we went to a national park here. It’s called Parque Mirador Norte or something like that... it was really beautiful but while there I got fried like a lobster!! I thought I was used to being in the sun but nope. Our whole zone was there and we played volleyball and Frisbee and such. It was great.
Thanksgiving was great! We ate out after District Meeting like usual so that was good and then I went on my last exchange with Elder Tirado where we got our favorite mango drinks and then went to a family home evening and they gave us cake so it was great! I missed being with the whole family but I still enjoyed myself here.


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