Thursday, December 5, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - December 2, 2013

Well hello my wonderful family and friends.

I guess the best way to start his letter is by saying (drum rolls)............................................... WE GOT A BAPTISM this saturday!!! We went over to Hjalmar's house on Tuesday. We encouraged him that he can still quit snus by December 6th. But he said "No, I need more time than that. How about we make the new year our deadline. I will get baptized at the first of the year. New Year, New Man." So we said ok, BUT, 2 days later he calls me on the phone. "Hi. It's Hjalmar." He says. "Hi Hjalmar! How are you today?" Then he says "Just awful. I haven't taken a snus in 2 days. I am in a withdrawal right now." I was like "WHAT! HJALMAR! THAT IS SOOOO AWESOME!" and both me and Elder Peterson were FREAKING OUT. He only has to be off snus for 1 week in order to be baptized. So we are back on track for December 6th! Now, just a reminder on this guy. He has been investigating the church for 10 years. He has been snusing 8 packs a day for many years. He went from 8 to 2. Then from 2 to 0 in like a 32 hour period or something crazy like that. He told us "yeah I just woke up one morning, popped in a snus and it tasted disgusting. So I took it out, put in a Fishermans Friend (Fishermans Friend is just a breath mint, but has also been found to help quit snus). And since then, I didn't take a snus." So he's been off for 5 days! The first 3 days of quitting are the hardest. Then he came to church on Sunday which was fast and testimony meeting. He got up and bore his testimony and invited the whole ward to his baptism! IT WAS SO AWESOME! Now, the Bishop who is away in India this week, had no idea. Hjalmar wants the Bishop to baptism him. So we texted Bishop and said "hey bishop. Surprise, Hjalmar quit snus and is being baptized saturday at 6:00pm and you're baptizing him." He text back "perfect. I get home on Friday. Call me then." Super super super super awesome! FOR SURE I will be talking about his in my next letter, along with a bunch of pictures!
We've been on fire this week. The zone leaders have called several times saying "wow. you guys are doing such good work up there!" President came and interviewed us, also. We have 2 new investigators. We had like 15 lessons it's about the highest i have had in my entire mission. Its just been a killer week.
So today we went to Göteborg for the day. I love being in Göteborg. It brings back so many memories. I really hope I get to serve in Göteborg before my mission is over. It is such a neat city. We ended up meeting up with some Zone Leaders in the Västra Frölunda area, and our District Leader and his comp from Skövde, and the sisters from Trollhättan went too. It was really fun. We got McDonald's for lunch. When Swedes see 8 Americans all nicely dressed, it makes for good contacting. We sat next this guy at McDonald's and he just wanted to know everything about us. Nothing turned up of it unfortunately. But we also ended up talking to a sales clerk in a store. She seemed interested, but then nothing. Plus, there were several people that just come up to us and ask us for directions. Why? No idea. But, its really fun to see.
AHH I almost forgot! So after church yesterday we went over to Samuel, David, Bjorn and Andreas' house. All of them are Young Single Adults in our ward. Every Sunday we have institute at the Bishops wife house, but they are gone on vacation. So we went to their house instead. We had a pot luck dinner to go with institute. The 4 of them made RIS GRYNS GRÖT the sisters brought apple cake, and we brought bread. It was totally awesome! With the Ris gryns gröt, the Julmust, the open faced sandwiches, and the christmas music, it was just HEAVEN! It was so much fun. The 8 of us just having a good time and an amazing dinner. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't go to Sweden on my mission. Its the best mission anywhere in the world. Sorry Sister Wood, this is better than frog legs. And sorry Elder Taylor, Elder Barlow, Elder Stilson, its not going to be a warm chirstmas here. I will stop bragging now ;) You're all awesome and I am proud of ALL my fellow ward members who are serving missions. But, yes. This is going to be a really good Christmas. I am really excited for Lucia on the 13th and then the 24th and 25th. Oh and by the way, since we celebrate christmas on the 24th in Sweden, that is the day I will call home. So, be prepare you family members of mine. I will let you know times when it gets closer.
Ok this letter just turned out to be pretty pathetic. I thought it would have been longer. I must be forgetting something. I need a rememberoll (from harry potter... ahahah get it... anyone?). I always forget to write something. Anyways, this will have to do. Frid ut! (Peace out)
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