Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - The Book of Mormon is True

Zach in Ciudad del Este
We´ve seen some pretty awesome things this week.
First of all, I´m really excited for our new investigator, Sally. She has so much desire to follow the way of the Savior. We were able to talk to her on Wednesday at the ward night about the Book of Mormon. She absolutely loves that book. We had a nice talk about some of our favorite parts and about the divinity and truth of that book. She told us that a lot of the nights she stays up reading it. Her husband, who´s an inactive member, is so helpful too. He always explains the things that we teach to her in more deatil afterward and helps her understand the things that are a bit more complicated. Both Sally and Jorge came to church on Sunday for the testimony meeting and loved it. Jorge talked to the Bishop afterward about setting up their marriage at the end of this month. Sally saw the other elders in the street one day and told them about something she had put on Facebook, which said something like ¨I want an eternal family¨. I´m so happy for her and the decision she´s taking in her life. It´s really amazing to see.
Besides her, we also talked with another investigator, Ana. Her husband we have yet to see, but Ana told us that he always takes the Book of Mormon to work with him and reads it. She said that since then he´s quit smoking and drinking.. pretty amazing. I´d like to actually see her husband, though.. apparently he works so much that it´s basically like he doesn´t even exist at home. Or maybe he doesn´t really exist... We´re trying to find a time to meet with both of them, hopefully we´ll be able to do it this week.
We talked with another investigator, Maria, as well. She always reads the sections in the Book of Mormon that we give her and she needs a lot of help in her family. We had a good talk about the vison of the tree of live with her, but afterwards she told us that she doesn´t want to change churches because we don´t worship Mary. Both me and my companion felt impressed to leave Ether 4 for her to read.. I don´t know why, but we´ll find out what she thought this week.
Other things I did this week... I drank goat milk. Which tastes almost the same as cow milk and is more expensive.. not really worth it, but at least now I can say I´ve drunk goat milk.
My companion was sick this Friday and the nurse of the mission told him he had to stay inside all day.. That left me an opportunity to clean up a bit, and read half of Our Search for Happiness, which is a sweet book by the way. I also realized a lot about my testimony while reading. About the truth of the Book of Mormon and this church. There are many moments when I doubt many things, but I can´t deny the truth of the Book of Mormon. I have recieved witness time and time again that it is true, and because of that I know that God exists and listens to me, that Christ lives today, and that the work I am performing here is the truth.
One last thing, we got to see an awesome storm. Really, the coolest one I´ve seen in my whole life. The best part.. the lightning was purple! So cool.. the thunder was almost deafening too.. and it was pouring rain. Best thing I´ve seen in my mission. Or maybe 3rd or 5th best.
Well, that´s my week, we didn´t have a ton of discussions, but the ones we had were awesome. Pretty pumped to see what happens this week. Ciao!
Elder Taylor
Zone Conference Meeting

Pizza - Thanksgiving Dinner


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