Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elder Almen Thorpe - Elder Thorpe's First Letter

Elder Thorpe - Airport Security and Big Smiles!
Hey Dad and Mom,
I made it to New Zealand safely. The flight itself was very nice but long, all in the fun I guess. This is the best decision I've made in my whole life and loving every minute of it. I'm making sure to take a lot of pictures so I can show you guys once I get back home. At the airport I flew with six other missionaries. They all grew up in Utah and one is named Elder Christensen. He is good friends with our neighbors son Jake Kruitbosch. I still haven't gotten used to the Elders names yet because I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm away from home, so sorry if I don't tell you guys their last names right away. Sometime over the week I'll get their last names down.
 While waiting for our flight to go to LA, a couple of us walked around the airport and saw another group of missionaries with a lot of sisters that were going to Cambodia. We also had one girl in our group that flew with us to LA and New Zealand. On our arrival to New Zealand I couldn't stop thinking of the day when you guys will be coming down and seeing the beautiful site I saw while on the plane.

Our driver who picked us up is from New Zealand and Hawaii. According to him, the Mission President here is super nice and so is the Sister President. They asked were I was born and where I was from and I told them my whole background and their answer would be "ahhh that's cool".
They Love Love LOVEEEEEEEE Rugby down here!!!! If you don't play rugby then you watch it. One of my roommates played rugby, he's prettty cool and big. Did I tell you they love ruggby....well good, cause they do!! I told them I wrestled and they said that's unreal cause wrestling is a tougher sport than rugby.
In all everybody here is very friendly and nice, tomorrow will be another day. Thank you for everything you two have taught to me, shown me and said to me. Love you both and miss you guys a lot. Tell the family I said hi and that I made it here safely. Talk to you guys soon, love your son, Almen Ray Thorpe 

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