Monday, November 4, 2013

Elder Zach Taylor - A Scary Halloween

Elder Taylor
This week was.. a little bit of everything. We´ve been talking with an 18 year old named Leonardo. He´s addicted to 4 different drugs, his house is in really bad shape and his family has basically abandoned him to live alone. He kept telling us he´s ready to follow whatever it is we have to teach him. He came to  church on Sunday, but left after the first meeting because he thought we were making fun of God. All that really happened was the teacher was giving us a demonstration of how not to give a blessing and it was funny, so we laughed.. it was kind of weird. His sister was being taught by the other elders in our area, and she got baptized Saturday. She told us she´s going to help him help her brother. He really just needs a lot of help. We talked to Juan on Friday, and he told us he´s going to move this week... so we won´t be able to teach him anymore. It´s kind of a sad deal, but I suppose we can´t do anything now. Halloween for me was a bit more scary than expected as well.. we went to visit this girl that we had been teaching for a couple weeks. We taught her about the Sabbath day.. but soon after realized she´s only interested in.....well not in the gospel. One of her friends came and they started saying really awful things. I didn´t understand most of it.. but my companion told me afterward more clearly. Her mom in the middle of it said did you know that my daughter wants to marry a North American?.. It was then that we decided we should leave pretty quickly... on the way out, the girl spanked me.. I didn´t have any idea what to do but just start walking faster.. so that´s what we did! So I guess you could say my Halloween was more scary than any I´ve experienced before.. haha. But it makes for a good story. Well, that´s pretty much all for this week.. talk to you all later!
Elder Taylor

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