Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Elder Kaden Barlow - "No Regrets", That is definitely my motto!

This week has had its up and downs where to start...
We have a new investigator this week named Nahomy. She is 11 but is super super smart. She has been going to church with a member for over a month now and is very prepared. I got to invite her to be baptized and she said yes so hopefully the 30th of Nov.
When we were out one night working my comp wanted to go visit this member, but we had absolutely no reason to do so. So I insisted that we go contact in this other area. Usually he pulls rank and does what he wants, but I didn´t let him. I just started going with or without him haha. I felt strongly about doing this though, and he came with me.  Anyway when we were contacting, this lady, Siomara, came up to us all excited and asked to take the lessons! She had been contacted in Santiago and had a restoration pamphlet, so now we are teaching her! She seems excited so hopefully she chooses to accept.
Saturday we got to do Mormon Helping Hands. We went to a cemetery and cleaned it up for a few hours. They bury all their dead above ground, so that was interesting and there is definitely no organization.
One time this week I was doing dishes and out of the corner of my eye I saw this... critter fly from somewhere into the pantry. It looked big and I thought that it was a spider but we couldn't find it. Later Elder Tirado saw it and thought that it was a mouse. Turns out it was a huge freaking HUGE cockroach, Elder De La O killed it but I’m still not sure if I will sleep the same again ;)
Well I’m enjoying life here and I’m sure it will only get better! It’s always fun when the random goat walks past or four missionaries squeeze in the back of a carro and I’m laying on their laps and a guy in the car over takes a pic. That’s when you know that you are squeezed tight... even for Dominican standards haha.
As to the “no regrets,” that is definitely my motto! The pain of discipline is less than the pain of regrets!! I can sleep and be tired when I am dead. I am here to work! :)

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