Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - Another Day In Paradise

Elder Christian Tanner


 Well it's Monday again. I dont have to much to write this week either. We have been really busy but there is nothing that just seems to stand out over the week that was imporant or a good story. Haha. I guess I'll just write a few things day by day.
So last Monday, as I was saying earlier, we had a hurricane warning. It got crazy outside. Remember when we were in Mexico last year and we had that crazy storm? yeah it was kind of like that. We were told to just stay inside and enjoy being indoors. Well, Bilodeau and I were at the church when it got really really bad. So we decided to go home. They stopped running the busses though! So we ended up walking home in a hurricane basically. Not not really. It was just really windy and rainy. As we were walking through town we could see a bunch of roof shingles on the ground broken and busted up. So we walked in the middle of the street instead. haha. Trees were fallen all over the ground. It was pretty crazy. When we got back home the sisters called us up and wanted to tell scary stories. We sat down with hot chocolate and turned off all the lights, but the scary stories didn't last long before it just turned into a spiritual story night. haha. We just told spiritual stories and it was really fun. The Mission President told everyone in Skåne to stay indoors.
Wednesday evening the Källbergs had a game night at the church. It was super fun too. Some members came and us 4 missionaries. Its kinda hard to explain the games, but we played Stop the Bus, had a paper plane throwing contest (which I won of course... not to brag or anything), and just a bunch of team games. Its good for the ward to have activities like this. It makes them closer to eachother, which is what they need here. Other than that we visited with Tony and did our time at the church.
Thursday, Halloween! You cant expect me to NOT dress up right? Well, for Halloween I was a piece of 3 hole punch paper. I just colored 3 black dots and put them on my shirt and wore I white tie. It was about as creative I could get and still be missionary appopriate. I'll send the picture if I can figure out how to get this chord to work. Today was by far the biggest day we had though. We had District Meeting in the morning. After that we met with Samuel one of our investigators. We taught him the Plan of Salvation I know he understood it. He is very intelligent and very mature about these things. I am not too sure what he thinks about it though. He shows no facial expression and doesn't really talk much. But he has been keeping his commitments of reading the Book of Mormon. He said he was on chapter 18 of 1 nephi. Thats more than 2 chapters a day he's been reading. Much more than I thought. He is a super cool guy and I really hope we can baptism him and then send him on a mission in 2 years or so (he's 17 right now). Right after that we met with Maria. We visit her everyweek. It wasnt anything too special. Just another visit. After that we went home teaching with Jose Alercon. And after we went home teaching we had to go visit Ingvor. We visit her every week too. I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the bus on the way to her place. I get so tired. Switching between lanugages all day is more exhuasting than one might think too. Sometimes I wake up and i'm just like "ugh.. how in the world am I going to get through today." but i hardly blink and there I am laying in bed again. It just goes by so fast and we're so busy i forget about sleep sometimes. I even forget we have to eat lunch. Study time is over and I am just like "okay, gotta go! we got stuff to do" and my comp reminds me we havent even had lunch yet.
Saturday was more of swedens halloween/memorial day. All the busses were on Sunday schedules and all the stores were closed. We got a text from Sister Newell this morning saying to make plans to go to a local cemetery and look at all the candle lights that everyone puts on the graves of loved ones. So we did. It was super cool too. All these candles were lit up all over the place. Really really neat i thought.
Sunday was Marias birthday. She hasn't even really had a cake. So thats why we made her a cake. After church on sunday we grabbed all the ward members and sang happy birthday to her and we all ate some cake. She was so happy, as you can imagine. It made me feel really good inside to see that we made someone so happy. She was so happy she didn't say a word the enitre time. Haha. It felt good. We also went with Bishop to go see Markus at the psych ward. Since we dont know what to do with him, we took bishop. But Markus was asleep so we didn't get to meet with him. But we will this coming week probably. Tony also had us and he invited a friend for us to talk to for dinner. So we had this amazing vietmaeze dish that I just loved. I ate 3 gigantic bowls. They were staring at me weird. I dont know how i put that away either. Haha. So after we ate we talked a little bit to Tonys friend. She is die hard catholic and didn't want to talk about it. We did our best and got a fantastic dinner.
Jag önskar er en underbart vecka. Saknar er alla.
din favorit,
 Äldste Tanner

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