Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Xavier Stilson - 11-11-13

Elder Xavier Stilson - I guarantee Bishop Wood will love this picture!
BOM DIA!!! Well I was transferred!!  I am in Vilha Velha! I am in an area called Cobilândia! I absolutely love this  area and the people here are great!!! The area is HUGE!!! We are in a trio as  well. I’m with Elder Crapo again and Elder M. Silva.

This week was great and went by  SUPER fast! I love when that happens! That means that I am working and loving  what I am doing! Our area is flat except for 2 morros or hills. That is where  all the houses are at. Now at first I HATED walking them, but now I love it!!  They people here are amazing and so willing to accept the gospel!!

This week we had a BAPTISM!!!! Now  how baptisms work here is that you have a wedding in the morning then the  baptism at night ;) The man that was baptized is Iran! He is big like me and we  get along great! He is just awesome!!! His wife doesn’t want to be baptized  right now but we are really going to work on her testimony of the BOM!!!

We also have a new investigator  named Lorival. We met him this week and he is just a great 71 yr old guy! We  went and had some great lessons with him despite our ability to teach PERFECTLY  in our companionship. But he was waiting for us on Sunday when we went to pick  him up and he really liked church! So this Saturday we have a baptism as well!!  

We have also been knocking a lot of  doors this week as well. On the morros and have had some success! There are a  lot of Catholics and members of the Maranata church who are very happy where  they are at right now but we are working hard and I KNOW that we are going to  have great success in this area!

I have really figured out why the  last 2 transfers felt so slow and it was because of my ATTITUDE!!!! As a  missionary you can have an amazing experience during your 2 years of service or  it can go by SUPER slow. If you have the attitude that you are here to teach people  about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and you are ready to do whatever it takes.  Decide how you want things to be and then JUST DO IT!!! ONLY YOU have control  on what these 2 years are going to be, NOT your companion, NOT your mission  president, NOT ANYONE BUT YOU! JUST DO the Lords work and he will bless you and  you will ENJOY THE JOURNEY! I remember in Jd. da Penha when we would walk I  would basically just look down or in front of me and not think about anything  except who do we get to talk to next... Now I am really starting to enjoy the  people and what is around me and we all need to do this!

Like yesterday! I SAW FIREFLIES FOR  THE FIRST TIME!!! And I wouldn’t have seen them if I wasn’t looking around and  enjoying what I have been given!!!

I love you all! I hope everyone will  put me on their mailing list for Christmas.  I would love to hear from everyone.

Well I love you all and JUST DO  IT!!! Whatever it may be!!


Elder  Stilson
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