Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder Almen Thorpe - Thanks for the great first email!

DAD and MOM!!!!! I miss you so much!!! Thank you for being such a good example for me over the past years of my life. Elder Christensen is such a funny kid, we hang out a lot during lunch, dinner and breakfast. We don't have p-days because we are only in the MTC for a week. Not this coming Tuesday but the next Tuesday I'll be going into the field. Right now we are all practicing how to invite investigators into the gospel. We do a lot of role play by going into different rooms with our companion and talking to the investigator. By the third visit they want us to ask them if they want to be baptized. My companion is cool, he's from Australia and is a convert and has been a member for four years. Neat story because he's the only LDS member in his family and he's dedicated to help them and is hoping this mission would change their minds about joining the church.
I've learned that I'm blessed to go to seminary and waking up at six in the morning everyday helped so much. Without that I don't know how I would do with this schedule of waking up. Thanks for pushing me to do the best and not giving up on me. I'm feeling like I've almost grasping the true meaning and lesson that my MTC teachers have been teaching me. One lesson I've learned so far while being in the MTC and I hear it from the teachers too and its been on me for awhile is that this work I'm doing is not all about me it's about the person I'm going to teach and the Lord. The words that will come out of my mouth are the words of the Lord. I have a testimony that Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us and He wants us to be happy as he was and that everybody has a purpose in life and those who don't know that purpose are needing help. That's where missionaries come in to help those who are lost. through us Heavenly Father can speak to the investigator.
Everybody here can feel that spirit everytime they go into class. It's amazing to hear from all the kids that have the some beliefs and same goal in life as I do. I have six roommates, two are Samoan, ones from Wellington, NZ, one is an American like me and the other is from Australia. We help each other and get alone so well, its like we are a family but who come from different places. Its amazing how he can get a group of kids from all over the world to work together to bring happiness to others. I've been writing in my journal and I know the elders and sisters names pretty well so can say their names are very unquie. The elders and sisters here say that I have a funny accent which I don't blame them because it is kind of funkey if you think of it. I'm learning some Samoan language for fun from the elders. Also we have learned this beautiful song in the New Zealand language that everytime we sing it I start to cry. I'll have to show you the next time I email or something.
There's a sister here from Australia that asked me one day where I was from and I said from the Marshall Islands. She said her friend was going to serve a mission there. I was very excited that there are some people that go there. She said it was cool and actually meet some Marshallese. I also learned what the language was from another elder but.....I forgot it I'll get it next time. Most everybody here knows where and what the Marshall islands are.
This Thursday we will be going to the New Zealand temple in Hamilton. It's an hour drive from the MTC. They have been telling its a beautiful place and such a neat expereince. I'll make sure to take some pictures for you so that you can see them. I love being here even though some days are hards. Sometimes I get homesick and miss you guys a ton. I love you guys so much and you are in my prayers everynight. Love you mom and dad, I'll see you the next time I email you. It's great to hear the family is doing well.
from Elder Thorpe
p.s. My companion is shorter than me!!! Looks like im not the shortest one!!!

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