Monday, November 18, 2013

Elder Christian Tanner - Last Week in Halmstad!

So I know you've all been dying to know where I am getting transfered to. Well, maybe you haven't been dying. But I HAVE! President was suppost to call on Saturday morning - he always makes the calls then. But he never called me! But I knew I was getting transfered because Elder Bilodeau is getting a greenie and he had a telephone conference call on Friday and they said in that call that he would be staying in Halmstad. So I wait the entire day on saturday. Nothing. I thought "surly on Sunday morning he will call." Well, now church is over. No call. We go to visit some families for my last time. No call. Finally we get to the apartment and I get a text from the office elders. They said that my travel information will be in my mail box tomorrow. So at this point I am like... what? So I actually called President Newell myself. I said "So, I got my travel information text, but... I don't know where I am going..." then he says "oh. Yeah, we have you transfering to...." then he pauses for like 30 seconds. Then he says "I am driving to karlstad (or some city like that) right now. I don't know where I am sending you. Can I call you back?" About 5 minutes later he calls back and says "Yes, Hi Elder Tanner. We have you transfering to...... Trollhättan! You'll be co-senior companions with Elder Peterson." I was in the MTC with Elder Peterson so it will be fun to be with someone I know a little bit already. 
 I talked to Elder Peterson last night. It will be a fun area. Its actually a lot like Halmstad. They only have 3 investigators and a bunch of less/inactive members. They seem to send me to the struggling areas. Although, they do have a baptismal date for one of their Investigators´. There are 6 people in the district there. Us 2, 2 Sisters, and 2 other elders in a town not to far from Trollhättan. I am excited to see what I can bring there. I hope to get at least 2 baptisms out of it and maybe reactivate a few members. I know I will be there for at least 12 weeks. President said that Elder Peterson was born in Trollhättan and he wanted me to learn the area as best as I can in 6 weeks. So I will get a new companion in 6 weeks. Maybe I will even train there? That would be cool. However, its farther north. 
As for my last week in Halmstad, its been bitter sweet. I have grown to love the people here. I am really going to miss the people here. I am going to miss the beautiful art everywhere. Halmstad has a lot of art. But at the same time I am excited to continue my adventure elsewhere and meet new awesome people. I have gotten really close to Elder Bilodeau, Sister Christensen and Sister Hosenfeld. I will certainly miss them a lot. But It will be fun. I am really excited. I leave tomorrow afternoon, too. So today I get to do a lot of washing and packing! Yippy! Haha. I will send my Trollhättan address when I get there and you can send your mail there if you want. Elder Bilodeau said he would forward all my mail to me that comes to Halmstad, because I believe I have a few letters out here right now.
As for what I DID my last week here. Well, its been a normal week. I didn't know I would be transfering until Thursday night. So it was the same. On Wednesday, however, my last companion Elder Millsap and his companion, Elder Hansen, were in Halmstad for the night. On Thursday Millsap and Bilodeau had leadership training in Stockholm. So I was on splits with Elder Hansen on thursday. We spent the entire morning that day handing out flyers for our family history. We spent our 2 hours shift at the church, and we went street contacting for a few hours. It was a fun, we had a good time that day. Probably my favorite day of the week.
On saturday while we were at the church, I was going crazy! President hadn't called yet and I was dying with anxiousy. Sister Christensen has these tabs in her Bible and in the Book of Mormon that coorespond with each other. So like all the green tabs is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and red are all the Commandments and so forth. So for example, I could flip to the first green tab in the Bible and it would talk about faith. I could in turn flip to the first green tab in the Book of Mormon, and it would talk about faith. The second green tab would be repentance in both books. It is genious on a number of levels. Its perfect for if someone doesn't belive in the Book of Mormon but does believe in the Bible. You can just.. BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM... all the same stuff. It took me like 2 hours but I copied them all into my scriptures. I want to put them in my quad too. But it takes a long time. She said she got it from her trainer and wanted all of us to copy it. Its super helpful and it helped take some time off my hands waiting for President to make his call that never happened. Haha.
So yeah. Thats about it. My next email will be coming from Trollhättan and I probably will have a lot to say then! But for now, as usual, I miss you all and hope you have a great week!
Äldste Tanner

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