Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Elder Almen Thorpe - January 12

Elder Thorpe working hard

Having fun with eyebrows sent to him by his sister Amy
Dear family! 

This week went by fast, unbelievable...things are moving too quick and so many things have happened this week. On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference and it was amazing!! Our mission President gave a talk on Saturday and had all the missionaries stand in front of the stage looking forward towards the members attending the meeting. He had each of one of us tell our names and where we came from, then after that he had all of us sing "love on another" but in a different way. He had the congregation sing to the missionaries the first verse and then he had the choir and missionaries sing back to the congregation the second verse. It was amazing! The feeling in the room of all the members singing to the missionaries and the missionaries singing to the members was just...amazing! So many people began to cry and yes I did myself as well. President Lekias purpose of all of us singing together was to help each other and share where all the missionaries came from was to show the members to love one another and that we are here because we love them and want to help them out.
This is the time where members and missionaries work together, the Lord is moving his work forward and we all should starting working together as a big family. After that Saturday night meeting everybody left with a big smile and were so happy! Just seeing others, even members smiles makes my day and I love how everybody left with the importance of working together. In their mind is the key to bringing back our lost brothers and sisters. 
The next day was Sunday and all of the missionaries in the Manakau Zone sang to the congregation. No body knew we were going to sing because the member leading us kept it a secret from them, the meeting went great. Everybody talked about one thing and that was "hastening the Lords work". He is moving his work fast and we should all prepare ourselves and work hard to bringing as many of his children back to Him. At the end of everyone's talk the missionaries sang the last song,  it was the EFY melody. All of us missionaries could feel the spirit! The kids in the congregation, families, adults and some of the none members started to cry. We sang that song so that everyone could remember at the end of the meeting the moment the missionaries sang that one special song. It was great! That was my week and it was special.
This week was mostly about bringing members and missionaries to work together because without unity there can be no work to be done.  I have learned that with my companion, we may not agree all of the time on some things but we find a way in our hearts to forget the silly things and work together. It has really changed me and him as well because each day we learn from members and from each other. We are working our hardest to bring our investigator to baptism before the transfer week so we can see all of them progress before one of us gets transferred.
My testimony grows and grows and grows each week, loosing myself in the work and progressing to become like Christ everyday. Love is the key to being successful not only in missionary work but in life as well. We can all surprise that one person by simply showing our love for them. As members of the church that is what we do, we share our love with everyone.  We do this by doing the simplest things in life, giving a simple hi jester or a simply help can change someones attitude and thoughts about the members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints. Don't be shy about showing that love towards someone you don't know. I myself have worked my way out of my comfort zone by showing my love towards everyone I see and talk to. I hope everyone is doing well in the family and I think about you all everyday! Miss you tons and love you all! Hope your week goes great! 

Much love, Elder Thorpe 

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