Saturday, January 25, 2014

Elder Brandon Wallis - January 21, 2013

Elder Wallis

Last week I transferred from Los Alamos to Albuquerque. Its much warmer here and there are a lot of dogs! Haha! The Indian reservations have dogs everywhere. We were just at a former investigators apartment yesterday and their pitbull jumped at me. It was more of a "back off this is my house" barking jump. None the less, it still scared me half to death! Why does everyone seem to have a pitbull here??? I've only met two that were actually nice! I was able to go out to the reservation branches on Sunday! My other two companions went to the Ladera Ward and the Sage Ward to confirm a guy a member. This area is awesome! We have everything from the suburbs to inner city ghetto to almost third world reservations. It keeps it pretty interesting! We have a few investigators that we are working with. We have 9 of them set on a date for Baptism! Elder Reali set 3 one night on a member split, I set 3 the next night on a member split out on the rez, and they already had 3 others on date! This is super, super cool! We're also working with some less active members and it's been really cool to see them get back into the Gospel! I'm meeting new people everyday, but I've noticed that I already love all of them. Our companionship is awesome. We all get along really well. We work out in the gym every morning and that just makes our days go even better. I love this new area! The Church is true! I know that I'm the happiest when I'm following the commandments and the principles of the Church. I want other people to be happy. That is why I do what I do everyday. I leave my Testimony of these things with you in the name of our older brother, our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen!


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