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Elder Zach Taylor - January 27, 2014

Elder Taylor
Hey, hey, hey!

Not really sure how to begin this so I´ll just jump right into it.

Here´s a random story that kind of turned out to be a blessing. At the beginning of last week sometime, we decided to go to the store to get some food. I walked over to the dairy product thing and took out some yogurt. The way they sell yogurt here is in a plastic bag, that´s kind of flimsy and can be easily broken... I was walking down one of the aisles with the yogurt in my hand and I don´t even know what  happened but it fell on the ground and broke and spilled everywhere... I just kind of stood there like oh man.. this stinks. But this really nice blonde lady (which is so weird to see.. blonde?!) came over and cleaned it up. And.. here comes the blessing part... they didn´t charge me for 2 when I bought another one! Kind of dumb but hey, I´m kind of scraping the bottom of the barrel to find good things in my days here.

Now when I say that I hope you don´t get the idea that I´m just over here wallowing in self-pity; I´m not. It´s just a time where you´ve got to be happy about every little thing that happens.

Like this last Tuesday, for example. Now this would have happened normally in Ciudad del Este, but we were walking down the road that day and (can you believe it?) this lady with a big family called out and said ¨hey, do you guys want to come over here?¨ Of course! we went over and talked for a few minutes, found out they were baptized before in an evangelist church, but now they don´t attend anywhere. They were really nice, and showed interest in going to church sunday. They didn´t come.. but hey, at least it made us happy the day we talked to them.

Another great thing was that on friday for lunch we ate....... nachos! yes, we really did find tortilla chips here. And we had some refried beans that we miraculously found in Encarnación the other week. It was nice to have such a delightsome lunch at the end of a hard week.

Speaking of food.. I found it funny that people here have no idea what nachos or quesadillas or tacos or burritos are. I had always thought if you speak spanish, you eat all that stuff. The things getting out of your country will teach ya, eh?

Something else that happened.. friday night there was a huge thunderstorm and our power went out just as we were going to bed. We were up till around 3 when the power came back for the lack of fans.. not too fun.  

We did have a semi-brilliant idea this week. We were thinking, since all the members that go to church live in another city called Trinidad, maybe we could go live over there for a week. There´s a less active member that has a house that´s not being used and he said we could possibly use it. We called up President LaPierre to see if it would be okay, and he told us we´d need to get a list of all the people we want to teach there, what we hope to accomplish, what the house needs, and then tell him to see if it´s okay. It almost sounds like more work than it´s worth, but it wouldn´t hurt to give it a try. I´ll let you know if we end up doing anything with that. 

We did have about 25 people that showed up to church, so that was another blessing. And this random family showed up that used to live here whose kids are all members, but the parents are unmarried and are not members. We´d love to work with them, but the only problem is that they live pretty far away.. they said they plan to move back in a month though, so if I´m still here, that could be a great opportunity.

But anyway, there´s my week in a nutshell. Trying to see the good in every day. Talk to you later!

Elder Taylor

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