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Elder Zach Taylor - December 23, 2013

Elder Taylor
It´s Christmas Adam!! pahaha..ha.haha.. ok I had to make that joke at least one more time.
But anyway..... this week has been reeeeaal fun. This week we´ve been doing a bunch of stuff that isn´t the normal stuff. Like.. I went on splits with one of my zone leaders, Elder Balmaceda, on Wednesday. It was pretty good.. although he´s finishing up his mission on the 30th of this month, and I could tell he wasn´t completely focused. But it was fun. He´s one of the Elders I look up to here and can enjoy my time with. That night, we went to the church to practice a song with some of the men in the ward that we sang Thursday night in the ward Christmas party. I played the piano. It was kind of funny because the one who was directing, Hno  Gomez, is pretty decent with music stuff and wanted everyone to sing a two part harmony, but no one really knows how to do it.. it turned out alright though, so that´s the good part.
Thursday like I said was the ward dinner. It was pretty fun! There were quite a few people there.. I´d say over 120. We ate some delicious rice and noodles and some other stuff and afterwards had Ice cream. I love being with the members of the ward here.. it wasn´t until that night that I really realized how much I love the people here.
On Friday, we had a Christmas devotional from President LaPierre with our zone and two others. President and his wife gave everyone a bag with some Christmas gifts in it: a Book of Mormon in our native language, a study journal, a cd with some songs from the Tabernacle Choir, a red pencil, and a picture thing to help us explain better the plan of salvation. Although thanks to Aunt Jill, I already have something way cooler. ;) It was an awesome devotional. President talked a lot about Christ and challenged us to read the Book of Mormon he  gave us looking only for things about Christ and his eternal mission. I felt the spirit pretty strongly when he spoke and I´ve already started reading. Our president is a very inspired man, and I can feel it every time he speaks to us.
On Saturday, we were with Jorge the whole day helping him prepare for his wedding that night! HIm and Sally got married that day finally and it was pretty awesome to be there. I´m excited for them! The only bad part about that day was that we spent all day setting up outside, and then it poured rain just about an hour before it started.. so we had to do it in the bishops house instead. But it was still pretty great.
Yesterday one of the youth in the ward accompanied us all afternoon.
He´s a pretty cool kid, and also the son of our stake president. I enjoyed myself that day.
So that´s pretty much my week for ya.. I´m excited for this week, especially because I get to talk with my family! Well, have a nice day everyone. Chao!
Elder Taylor


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