Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Elder Xavier Stilson - "It Was Something I Had Never Felt In My Life"

Elder Xavier Stilson
This week was really good! I need to  make a correction though. I told my mom last week that I had boils but I used  the wrong word, they were blisters. Mom, those little blisters on my arm have  cleared up. Now I am just working on the legs now ;)  This week was awesome! We met an Amazing  family. Their names are Washington, Valdirene, Mateus, Walesson, and Ryani.  They are really receptive and it has been great working with them. We have a  baptism with Walesson this week! It was very spiritual as we taught and worked  with him this week. We had invited him to come to church with us and so we walked  a half hour to meet him. He lives in Premeiro de Maio. My companion was a little  worried that he wouldn’t come with us but when we got to his house he was  waiting for us at the door!!! Right before sacrament meeting we got a call from  our Zone Leader and he challenged us to talk to each of our investigators who  were at church with us to pray during the passing of the sacrament and ask if  this church was true. We had 6 investigators at church and so we asked everyone  to do this... After the meeting I asked Walesson if he had done this and he  said, “yes, it was something I have never felt before in my life" after  that he said "I want to be baptized".  He is 14 years old and has a very strong  testimony of the gospel. I am so grateful that we were given the counsel for  this small invitation. The spirit during the sacrament was so strong. We asked  all of our other investigators and they all said the same thing that it was  something that they had NEVER felt before in their lives!! What an amazing  blessing to know that these people want this in their lives!

We also had the baptism of Thamiris,  it was awesome!! The spirit was so strong during the baptism and then I was  able to be in the circle when she received the Holy Ghost. She will be an amazing  missionary one day.  This week was just  full of these great experiences and I really felt the Spirit especially during  the end of the week. I love serving the Lord and I know that this church is  true. Those of you who have fallen away "Come, Join with US!" You had  a testimony at one point, it is still there! If you know of someone who has  fallen away share your testimony with them! Invite them to church and to pray  during the sacrament!!! You WILL feel something you have never felt before!  Also do this for YOURSELF so you can feel this amazing spirit and then share it  with others!! I love you all!!!


Elder  Stilson

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