Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Elder Almen Thorpe - January 26, 2014

Hey! I don't know about you but my favorite part of the weeks are starting to be Sundays, not just because Monday is around the corner and P-Day soon, but because I get to see every ward member, less active and none member at church. During sacrament meeting we all started to sing a song and wow, islanders can sing. I never noticed that until now...wish I could sing like them. Which brings up the fact that I have found myself singing a lot everyday, sometimes just walking or eating breakfast. I'm always singing. Be prepared cause my singing talents are getting up there or maybe people are just saying I have a good singing voice just to make me feel good....oh well, still going to sing! 
I'll tell you about my week, it started last Monday. After e-mails my companion and I decided to go and pick up a couple of couches from our investigators Danny and Bionca. So the story behind the couches is that my companion and I have been looking for some because our living room looked too boring. Luckily while visiting Danny and Bionca one day and having no clue how our conversation got on couches with them, Bionca just all of sudden asked us if we wanted their couches. My companions face and my face just started to lighten up! Short story we got the couches, but...news...my companion and I had to carry all three couches back to our flat and we lived a good 20 minutes away. Was it worth it? Yes! Was I tired? Pssh, no! Yes I was and I flopped on the couches as soon as we got to the flat. That was my story from last week, pretty entertaining I would say but that's not all. 
This week was slow at finding and seeing the less actives and the investigators. Every single one of them had an excuse of why they couldn't see us or are just too busy...Excuse, excuse, excuse. Still not stopping me from seeing them!! Anyways, this coming up Saturday we will be doing a service project with the ward for Danny and Bionca, cleaning their front and back yard of all the garbage they have. It'll will be a lot of fun and hopefully not too hot but this is something that my companion and I know will bring us even closer with them. Danny and Bionca are getting close to coming to church so having ward members will help them not to get too nervous about coming to church.
Transfers week is coming up and my companion and do not know if either of us will still be in the area to see Danny, Bionca and their daughter Jade get baptized. We both still have faith and pray that doing this service project will help them get closer to marriage and being sealed in the temple as a family.
We also have another couple investigators named Jay and Leione, who are in their 30's. They have four kids. They are beautiful little ones. We are working on them as well, Jay and Leione had past missionaries teach them but because of transfers they always get new missionaries and some are nice to them and some are not. Their story is that we taught Leione and she really wants to get baptized but the thing is she wants to do it with Jay so they can be sealed. They reason Leione is wanting to be baptized is because of her kids and she knows the church is true. Jay on the other hand is all about himself right now, he's really nice and funny and a super nice dad for the kids...but Jay is just all about himself right now and about playing pickup games of touch rugby. We are working on Jay to bring him back to that some routine that he used to have of going to church a lot with the past missionaries. Please pray for Jay and Leione that they will find the answer they need for their loving and caring family. I know what you are thinking...why are my companion and I getting unmarried couples?..well good question because I don't know either. The Lord knows though. 
Yesterday we had a zone fast...we were all fasting to find a family to teach and bring unto our Heavenly Father.  Going through out one day we were eating at a members house, half way through our dinner appointment it started to pour down hard rain! Like pouring down hard! Never seen it rain so much before and I thought Seattle was bad but I am so wrong. Anyways my companion and I went back to our flat to get our rain coats and off we went into the storm of storms. It was actually enjoyable! I love the rain..except that my socks got soaked and my pants but all in the good work. We stopped at another members house to dry off, we waited 20 minutes and it stopped raining but then it started again. While on our walk we had a promoting to stop and walk up this long drive way, we went up and knocked on a door. The first knock no one came but the second knock a lady then came. We found out that she is a less active member and has four girls but two who are not baptized. We have a next appointment with them this Wednesday! waaahhoooo!! Time to bring them back to church.
On our way down the driveway we passed another house that also had a really long driveway, we stopped at their house and knocked on that door. The family living their had seven kids...yeah a little too much...but five of them are not baptized. The dad is from Samoa and has been a member his whole life, the other side of his family started the church in Samoa so they are very popular in their village. We also have another returning appointment with them this coming week!!! wahoo!
My companion and I thought that we were done with miracles but we went up to this house and there were two dogs barking hard at us. I was scared to death thinking these two dogs were going to rip us into pieces, but I put that to the side and put my faith in Heavenly Father and I stuck my hand out for them to smell. My companion did the same thing and both the dogs settled down and walked towards us licking our hands and playing with us. Fewww!! My heart was calmed down. We knocked on the door and found out that it was a Samoan family with eleven kids!!! yeah...I thought the last family was too much, but was I wrong!! 
Three miracles in one day!! Especially on a Sunday!!! So happy that the fasting went great and prayers were answered. What a week I have had. My lesson of the week is the importance of putting your whole trust in the Lord and the importance of church. My companion told me that he has seen my testimony grow and I can see that myself. My mission life is just started and its already started to be way too much fun! I love going to church and love that feeling when we walk into the sacrament room. The feeling of peace and safety. This is the kind of feeling I know for a fact no one else can find other than in the church. The importance of coming to church is to learn from one another and grow. For example my companion and I taught sister Talas class and they are all high schoolers. They were goofing off and such but I felt the spirit and told them "You are representatives of Jesus Christ. When your friends and classmates ask you questions about Joseph Smith or Jesus Christ you won't be laughing. This is your opportunity in class to learn by doing these role plays to know what to say to your friends in church. Don't be shy or ashamed of being a part of this church. Stand up for what you believe. " I know what I said is true. We should not be ashamed of who we are, what we believe in and how we go about our ever day lives. Take the opportunity in church to listen, share and learn from others so you can grow.
I love you all and wish you will have a wonderful week!!! You are all in my prayers!! 

Love you all, Elder Thorpe 

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