Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Elder Zach Taylor - New Area

This week.. Its been.. strange. As I said last week, I got moved to a new area. They sent out the email to all the zone leaders last Monday around 6 telling them I'd leave, and I had to be in the terminal by 10:30 that night. I'm now in an area in the more southern part of Paraguay called Obligado.. It's a weird little town. And its full of Germans. And everyones rich. And… we've been whitewashed. That's probably been the hardest part about this week. We arrived Tuesday morning and my companion and I had no idea what to do.. so we called the branch president. He told us to go to the church around 3 and someone named Hermano Foltz would show us around. So we did as the branch president said. We went there at 3 and waited around for this guy that was supposed to come. A couple cars pulled up and we thought it might be him.. but none of them were. My companion saw this Amish-looking guy walking down the street and said half as a joke ¨Hey I bet it's that guy..¨ turns out he was right. It was kind of funny, the one person that wasn't super rich in the town was the one that was actually a member. But I guess you could expect that.. haha. He showed us a few houses that the missionaries before were teaching. We went home that night not really knowing what to think. We barely could remember where we had just gone.. let's just say these past couple days have been a little disappointing, with not really knowing what to do. We did look in the area book, but the directions to the houses are no help because we don't know where anything is. I'm hoping we'll get to know the place a lot better this week and actually have people to teach.
I got a new companion too. His name is Elder Hemenway, and he's from California. He's 21 and is about to finish his mission in March.. so I could be his last companion. He's pretty funny and really nice.
Here they have these cool garbage cans that look like people holding a basket. They're pretty sweet.
We were hoping to meet a bunch of new members that we hadn't met yet on Sunday in church. We had already met the branch president and his family and another family that are super active. Oh I forgot to say, my area covers like 3 different cities, and both those families live in a city called Trinidad, which isn't even part of Obligado. My area is HUGE.. but anyway, we went to church at 8 when it starts, and we were the first ones there. A couple minutes later the branch president came with his family, and later the other family we met. And that was all. We had 13 people in the meeting, including us. The crazy thing is is that there are over 350 members in this area.. and 13 go to church. I'd say we've got some serious reactivating to do.. once we find their houses.
Our branch president is really nice, but I don't understand him hardly at all. He mumbles when he talks and his words are all mushed together. He's from Chile. Hes a nice guy though, when I can understand. 
There are a couple conveniences to being here.. one is that the supermarket is right across the street from where we live. And the apartment is bigger than my other one. Trying to find a place to email was hard though.. there was a cyber right down the street, but it closed. Know why? Because apparently the people in this town are all so rich that they all have their own computers and the people that run the cybers dont make any money. So as of the end of last year, they closed them down. We had to go to the church and use their computer today.. but writing is kind of a pain. The website keeps kicking me off.. 
Through all this I'm trying really hard to remain excited and happy about the work I'm doing. I did learn quite a bit of patience in CDE.. I guess this area is my test. We'll see how things go this week. Talk to you all later!
Elder Taylor 

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